see you there

17 May

when i arrange something with a guy and he says: “yep, i’ll see you there.” 99% of the time, that’s exactly what he means. this does not translate the same in the dialect of crazy bitch, however. in fact, it could mean just about anything. here are a few translations i’ve encountered:

  • she’ll get there an hour late and not be at all bothered that someone was waiting for her
  • she’ll be there an hour early and be angry i left her waiting
  • she had no intention of coming and i’m a weirdo for asking what happened to her
  • she sort of wants to come but will require 20 text messages to actually get her there
  • she’ll be there, with a bunch of uninvited friends
  • she’ll be there, or thereabouts. you know, in that city, maybe
  • she wants to attend but is too nervous and will cancel last minute
  • she will actually be there (so rare it’s an exception)

see the lessons for more information on making plans and, if you mean any but the last item on the list when you say “i’ll see you there”, please see the rule.

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