3 Jul

the word ‘revenge’ should not come out of your mouth when you’re talking to a guy for the first time, especially when using it in regard to an ex-boyfriend. and of course, i don’t just mean the word, i mean don’t tell stories about what you’ve done to punish ex-boyfriends.

hearing that you called the guy’s work after he broke up with you to the point that they had to have your phone number blocked, that might be one of those things that you never tell anyone. ever.

just like how you posted naked photos of your ex on facebook and tagged them to ensure his friends would see. that’s also something you might want to keep to yourself. you massively mental, crazy, crazy bitch.

crazy bitch tip 1: don’t be crazy person.

crazy bitch tip 2: if you can’t stick to crazy bitch tip 1, at least try to keep quiet about it

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