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27 Aug

stop withholding information. the way you behave suddenly seems a whole lot less nuts when you let out all the secrets you’ve been keeping.

people are less judgmental than we give them credit for. helping someone make sense of what seems like erratic, nut-ball actions often relieves them so much they’ll forgive whatever you were hiding anyway.

don’t decide if someone can handle the truth on their behalf. let them do it for themselves.

“the rules”. die.

24 Aug

a not-so-crazy female friend of mine just let me in on a secret. there’s a book called “the rules”. it’s all about how a woman should act to attract the man of her dreams. here are the details:

fuck. that. shit. i can’t believe there are actually books out there teaching women to act like crazy bitches. no wonder so many blokes are going mental trying to make sense of the world of women.

listen, you don’t need that book and you shouldn’t really need this site either. what you need is to understand that some of your behaviour and responses are purely driven by emotion. figure out how to override your emotions and you’ll get what you want (and not leave a wake of crushed and confused men behind you in the process).

crazy bitch tip: put down the crazy-talk book and try just immitating a sane person.

pretend offended

16 Aug

this is one of those things that just flat-out pisses me off. pretending to be offended is the pinnacle of all bullshit crazy bitch behavior. when you pull this shit, you are intentionally messing with someone.

nobody ever thinks it’s cute. no one is ever happy to realise that you were just pretending. we all just think you’re a weirdo, especially if we made the effort to apologise.

here’s a straight-forward way to think about it: if you’re the only person in the world who’s being entertained by your manipulation of the emotions of others, it’s probably because you’re being a selfish, crackpot, bitch-face type person; and you should discontinue that behavior.

making it up

11 Aug

Ease up on the face paint. The amount of make up you use is a great indicator of how crazy you are.

A bit too much = self conscious
A lot too much = scary
None = doesn’t pay attention to standard hygiene protocols
Too much + Bright colours = attention whore


11 Aug

I was listening to a woman giggle as she told of how, when out at functions, she uses various aliases while talking to people. She comes up with characters and plays roles. Her reasoning being that she’ll probably never see these people again anyway and it’s just a bit of fun.

The woman in question isn’t 19. She’s 26.

That shit isn’t funny. It’s prime crazy bitch behavior. Other women seem to understand and be ok with it but guys think this is female scumbaggery at its worst.

If you pull this crap. Stop it and start showing some respect to strangers. People would rather not talk to you than hear some bullshit you’re making up just to entertain yourself at their expense.

Stop this bullshit, you crazy, crazy bitches.

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