“the rules”. die.

24 Aug

a not-so-crazy female friend of mine just let me in on a secret. there’s a book called “the rules”. it’s all about how a woman should act to attract the man of her dreams. here are the details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rules

fuck. that. shit. i can’t believe there are actually books out there teaching women to act like crazy bitches. no wonder so many blokes are going mental trying to make sense of the world of women.

listen, you don’t need that book and you shouldn’t really need this site either. what you need is to understand that some of your behaviour and responses are purely driven by emotion. figure out how to override your emotions and you’ll get what you want (and not leave a wake of crushed and confused men behind you in the process).

crazy bitch tip: put down the crazy-talk book and try just immitating a sane person.

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