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silence is not a form of communication

24 Sep

there are, at abosulte minimum, 171,476 words in the english language. we may not have the right word for every possible situation like the germans but we definitely have enough that you can explain what’s going on in your head.

but silence is not a form of communication, you tripped out, other planet residing, nonsensical ping-pong balls of emotion. silence is not useful. when you say nothing, you leave infinite possibilities of what you might be thinking/feeling.

when a guy is bothering to encourage you to talk, it’s because he cares. he wants to help. refusing to talk, refusing to offer any information is a great way to push that guy to the point of no longer caring enough to try.

the most retarded thing about this is that i’ve seen women go silent because they’ve randomly decided the guy doesn’t care enough about them, then they refuse the talk about that so long that the guy ends up not caring anymore and the women end up thinking they were right all along. that is retarded.

no. you crazy bitches. you’re supposed to be the communicators, so communicate.

the worst thing is, you all know you’re crazy

21 Sep

i guess at least it’s a start to recognise that you have a problem


no really, we don’t care

13 Sep

alright. the white lies, the fibs, the half truths, the withheld details, and all the teeny little bullshit… we. don’t. care.

it’s narcissistic to think that a guy cares that much about what you do or say that you need to hold things back or lie about it. the fact is that, unless you’re our girlfriend or wife, we probably don’t give two shits about whatever you believe is so important you think you need to lie about.

a friend of mine lied to me about having watched a video i sent to her. who gives a crap? another friend lied about having something to do because she was feeling slack and didn’t want to go out. by the time she got back to me with the lie, i’d already gone out with someone else.

it’ we realllllllly don’t care enough that you need to lie about these things, ya damn crazy bitches.

one for the guys (emotion: the constant variable)

1 Sep

emotion: the constant variable

a very kind (but still somewhat crazy) young lady pointed something out to me, there’s this thing called emotion and it is the root cause of why women act in ways that guys perceive as insane.

you know those things us guys call emotions: hunger, tired, how did he drop that catch, etc… well girls have other emotions that we don’t. women get ones like: not enough attention, wanting to be wanted, no one’s commented on my hair and nails and i spent a lot on these; and a bunch of others that will probably never become known to the unfairer sex.

these emotion things wreak havoc! when a guy runs into an awkward situation, he might notice a funny little sensation that makes him not want to deal with it, of course then he mans up and deals with it anyway. for a woman, however, that same funny little sensation is about a million times stronger. it’s so strong that she literally cannot do whatever it is she knows needs to be done. her emotions are just too loud and they drown out logic.

guys, knowing this will save you stress. ladies, telling guys this will save you stress (of course, doing that might cause some emotion and therefor will probably stop you ever doing so)

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