no really, we don’t care

13 Sep

alright. the white lies, the fibs, the half truths, the withheld details, and all the teeny little bullshit… we. don’t. care.

it’s narcissistic to think that a guy cares that much about what you do or say that you need to hold things back or lie about it. the fact is that, unless you’re our girlfriend or wife, we probably don’t give two shits about whatever you believe is so important you think you need to lie about.

a friend of mine lied to me about having watched a video i sent to her. who gives a crap? another friend lied about having something to do because she was feeling slack and didn’t want to go out. by the time she got back to me with the lie, i’d already gone out with someone else.

it’ we realllllllly don’t care enough that you need to lie about these things, ya damn crazy bitches.

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