heads up

9 Nov

So there’s this thing that crazy bitches do quite a bit that does my head in. It’s when the crazy bitch in question has something going on in her life that may or may not actually be a big deal (but certainly is to her) and she starts acting weird and different because of it. And I’m not talking about being a little more quiet than usual or things like that.

I’m talking about being yelled at for turning up on time and not 20 minutes early like she did without letting us know. I’m talking about her disappearing off the face of the earth for three weeks. I’m talking about accusing us of being in love with the waitress because we smile when we said ‘thank you’ to her.

Now, maybe these things would be completely understandable if we knew what was happening but when you crazy bitches don’t tell us, how the hell are we supposed to know? Anyway, when we get confused or pissed off at you for doing these random, weird things… that’s not our fault. It’s a pretty natural reaction to being yelled at for no reason or having someone blame you for shit you didn’t do.

So please ladies, if you don’t want to be seen as a crazy bitch, just give us a bit of a heads up would ya? It’s much easier for a guy to be understanding of some temporarily nutty behaviour when we know it’s the result of something else.

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