you can’t ignore reality

9 Nov

Dear crazy bitches, just because you don’t want to deal with something doesn’t remove it from reality. It’s just like when you were a child and putting your hands over your eyes in the scary parts of a movie didn’t take away the scary things from happening, but only stopped you from seeing them.

Running away from problems you’ve caused will not get rid of those problems. Turning away from them will not solve them. Hiding from them will not help them disappear. That’s just not how things work and it’s ridiculous for the people on the other side of your problems to not only have to try and solve their side of the issue but to have to try and council you into recognising the fact that most problems aren’t ignorable.

Quit the bullshit, grow a pair of ovaries, take your head out of the sand and your hands off your eyes.

crazy bitch tip: if you ignore your problems and then expect the people you screwed over to somehow forget what happened, you are indeed a crazy bitch.

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