12 Nov

So I have this really cool female friend, whose company I thoroughly enjoy, but that doesn’t stop me from noticing the fact that she too, is a crazy bitch.

This wonderful young lady recently told me: “my mum reckons I run away from problems. I’m so sick of it. If she brings it up at dinner tonight, I’ll walk out.”

I had to point out the irony of this statement to her. It reminded me of many women I’ve known over the years. It’s a pretty common thing for girls to a) ignore/try to escape dealing with their problems; and b) not realise that they’re doing it.

Now, I love my friend. She’s the coolest, but ladies this sort of behaviour really flares up everyone’s crazy-bitch detectors. For one thing, the problems don’t disappear just because you ignore them. For another, they’re usually minor things but your efforts to ignore them make them much bigger than they need to be.

crazy bitch tip: deal with it.

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