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21 Dec

well, this answers a bunch of questions…

if they’re not there, they can’t hear you

7 Dec

A group of us just went to lunch. While we were sitting there, chowing down on our tasty food, there was a lady out the front swearing at the bus that had not yet arrived. Clearly, she was very frustrated. It appears that the bus was running on time, she was just very unhappy about the waiting part involved in the current time not being the actual time the bus arrives.

I learned a few new insults and was notably impressed by the way this blobby, diminuative goblin of a woman shouted at no one and nothing for a good 20 minutes, causing one of those ‘circular air gaps’ that you find naturally occurring around crazy people.

I sat there with my co-lunchers, pondering what she was trying to achieve. The bus arrived on time. Everyone boarded, as did she, surprisingly quietly.

tip: screaming in public is a key identifier for being crazy.

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