23 Feb

Ladies. Dear, dear ladies, I have some news for you. Your ambiguity, in person, is part of your charm but in sms or email or whatever, it’s just fucking annoying and confusing.

When I’m face to face with a beautiful woman and she tells me something that isn’t really a question, I can see in her eyes, and hear in her voice, that it is actually a question. In all honesty, the process of making sense of a woman in person can be one of the many joys in life for a man.


through any text based medium, your ambiguous allure begins to seem more like the ramblings of a mental patient. The allure of ambiguity disappears pretty quickly for a man when you replace sexy eyes, cheeky smiles and provocative poses with an email or a mobile phone.

Instead of working in your favour, it just confuses and pisses us off. When all the body language is taken out of the conversation, all we’re left with is confusion, frustration and the urge to find out how far we can throw our phones.

So please, ladies, take into account what you’re not saying when you go text mode and reduce the chances of causing guys to think you’re a crazy bitch. Please?

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