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Overly attached girlfriend

20 Feb

This one’s just for a laugh. There’s a meme that’s been going around for a long time now which is referred to as Overly Attached Girlfriend. In essence it’s about those things that a guy’s girlfriend has said to him that are about her intentions to keep him around forever, or that she’s planning a lot further ahead than is appropriate, or just generally that she’s gone beyond ‘head over heels’ in love  straight into creepy stalker territory.

Here are a few to get you going. If you catch yourself saying anything like these quotes, you’re definitely crossing the boundaries into crazy-bitchville.

If you’re looking for more of these, head over to , memegeneratorlivememe or head straight to the mother load.

Crazy-bitch tip of the day: If you’re about to say something, if it would make a good overly attached girlfriend meme, best to keep that one as a thought rather.

Crying wolf

19 Feb

This one’s a bit of dangerous issue to bring up but it’s a massive indicator of crazy-bitchosity, so I kind of have to. There’s not a lot of room for humour here because I’m talking about false allegations of rape. Fortunately, only a very small percentage of rape accusations are intentionally false. The numbers I’ve seen range from about 2% to 5% and vary a little from place to place and country to country.

Whatever the numbers, let me make it clear that I think rape and any other form of non-consensual sexual activity is revolting and imprisonment too soft a punishment for anyone guilty of committing such acts. Obviously this is not an uncommon opinion, very few people would disagree, and that’s a big part of why I think falsely accusing someone of rape is an unconscionable thing to do. It damages the man but it also damages legitimate rape cases. It’s truly a shitty thing to decide that your anger at someone is worth introducing doubt into all other rape allegations.

The typical rationale behind a false rape allegation is the tactic of attempting to bring harm to the accused man and/or to his reputation. Many men have been imprisoned as a result of this sort of thing, some eventually being overturned, others not so lucky.

With this topic being so touchy, I’m going to cut it a bit short and just say that if you even consider falsely alleging rape against someone, you’re very much in crazy-bitch territory. If you actually go through with it then there’s no going back, you will forever be a crazy bitch.

But there’s a whole new level, and that’s claiming that you were raped because you’re trying to come up with an excuse for skipping work. This makes you, without a doubt, one of the craziest bitches I’ve ever heard of. Find out more at:

Here’s another example, where a woman claims to have been raped in an attempt to hide an affair she’d been having for six years:


Treat ’em mean, keep em keen… to GTFO

16 Feb

Treat ’em mean, keep em keen… to GTFO

There’s an old adage that I hear from time to time: “Treat ’em mean, keep em keen.” It does actually work a lot of the time but that doesn’t make it a good approach to relationships. This particular piece of advice is spouted at both men and women, but we’re all about how not to come across as a crazy bitch, so we’ll focus on the female side.

If you intentionally mess with the feelings of the person you’re interested in, you’re going to be seen as a crazy bitch. At first, it’ll probably only be the guy’s friends who see you as a nut job because a guy who is really into you will find excuses for your poor behaviour. Then it’ll progress to confrontations about how you’re treating him and you might fluke yourself some awesome make-up sex by convincing him you’re sorry. Enjoy that while it lasts.

Eventually, he’s going to realise that you’re intentionally pulling shitty moves just to illicit a response from him and that’s going to piss him off in a massive way. If you’re not interested in him, you’re a crazy bitch for doing any of that rubbish in the first place but if you are interested in him, you’re slowly convincing him that you’re manipulative, mean and hostile; most blokes I know don’t rate those as especially attractive traits. In fact, realising that someone has been fucking with your head is one of those ‘kicked in the guts’ moments and can trigger some seriously angry and unpredictable responses. Be very careful when it blows up on you!

So, if you don’t want to be a crazy bitch, or at least you don’t want people to see you as a crazy bitch, don’t pull these douche manoeuvres. You’re either going to push away the guys you like or fuck with the heads of guys you’re not even interested in, and no good is going to come from it either way. You might get away with it a few times but in the long run, it’ll catch up to you.

I’ve linked a thread full of stories of men telling stories about women treating themselves or their friends poorly. Have a look through their responses to see just how lowly we rate this sort of thing.

A first hand account

5 Feb

I stumbled onto a first hand account of the actions of crazy bitch and I’d like to share it with you. Here’s a snippet:

After awhile, I started to blame John for all of these problems. I mean, why didn’t he realize that I was totally out of his league?

Did you feel a little dirty reading that last sentence? Well, I felt dirty typing it. But I must warn you, it only gets uglier.

One day, John presented me with a gift that cost him a fair chunk of change for a high school kid. It was a heart shaped pendant, encrusted with diamonds, on a gold chain. When he gave it to me, he smiled his big goofy smile and told me that he had been saving for a few months now to buy it for me. It was at this precise instant that I. Just. Snapped.

I tossed the necklace aside and angrily informed John that I didn’t want it. I told him that I hated him and if we were the last two people on the planet, I would never date him. I called him a loser, a wimp, and a social retard. His face crumpled as I viciously emasculated him, but I couldn’t stop myself. I was fueled by anger and resentment and guilt and embarrassment. Finally, John weakly tried to defend himself and he whispered hoarsely that I was a bitch. Furious, I called him a dork and stormed out of the library, my cheeks hot with rage.

Oh, we’re not done here yet! Stick with me; it’s going to get uglier!

I sought out my friends and recounted, with sudden remorse, how I broke John’s spirit. I thought that they would be disgusted by my cruelty, but they only laughed and egged me on. They thought my parting insult, DORK, was the epitome of comedy and humor. From that point on, whenever we saw John in the halls, we’d scream at him and taunt him and oh so nastily remind him that he was a DORK. This went on for weeks.

Read the whole thing here:

This story is about a teenage girl, and to be fair, teenagers are not the best examples of anything. The boys have no idea what they’re doing, they only know they want the girls, and the girls are typically just starting to learn that they can bend the boys to their will with their feminine ways.

We all have to learn what’s right and wrong when it comes to dealing with the other sex at some point in life, and for the majority of us that happens in high school. Even so, it does still go too far sometimes. I think the story I’ve linked to here is a great example of that.

The scary part about all this is that not everyone grows out of this sort of behaviour. Plenty of guys never connect the dots when it comes to women, and some never actually realise that women are, in fact, human beings just like us.

The same goes for women. I’ve bumped into a few particularly unpleasant women well into adulthood, who still go around leading guys on, purely for the gratification of the attention. You can often spot these women in bars: they show a bit too much flesh, they ask guys they have no interest in to buy them drinks, they flirt mercilessly with guys they don’t want at all, and they laugh at the poor ignorant fellas who get taken in by this and think they’re in with a shot. These women, the ones using men for their own entertainment, well, they’re the sort of women that drum up interest in a blog like this. They may not all be crazy bitches but the guys who they’re toying with will certainly think they are.

That sort of behaviour is barely acceptable by a teenage girl who is just learning her way in the world. In my opinion, it’s childish and any fully grown woman who does that sort of thing should be ashamed of herself. Flirt your brains out if you want, have guys buy you drinks too, get attention from guys, go for your life! But restrict that stuff to the guys you are actually interested in or you’ll soon be getting referred to as ‘that crazy bitch’ and if the guys you’re actually interested in see you doing that shit, they’re not going to be interested in you.

We’re all human beings. That golden rule is pretty reliable. Keep it in mind.

The mythical pregnancy

3 Feb

There’s a disturbing trend that I keep hearing about and it seems to be increasing in popularity. This is the ‘fake pregnancy’ manoeuvre in which a woman convinces a guy that he’s gotten her pregnant and that she must now have an abortion and because abortions are expensive, she’s going to need some financial help.

If a guy is actually careless enough to get a woman pregnant without intending to, of course he should contribute to the cost of an abortion if that’s the chosen course of action. Of the guys I know, I can’t imagine any of them thinking differently, maybe that’s mostly because I hang out with your classic ‘nice guys’ but even so, it’d be a pretty horrible bloke that would flat out refuse to help when faced with that situation.

It seems to be ‘nice guys’ that are the most likely target for this fake pregnancy bullshit. I’ve heard stories of guys paying out up to $5,000 to a woman to contribute to the expense of her abortion only to later discover that she was never pregnant in the first place. $5,000 is pretty extreme but I’ve heard many instances of between $1,000 and $2,000 where it’s gotten back to the guy that he was duped.

When we talk about ‘crazy bitches’ around here, we’re talking about the sort of women who would pull this type of scam. This is grade A, stay the hell away from the head case, crazy bitch behaviour.

Tip: If you don’t want to be called a crazy bitch, never lie to anyone about being pregnant.

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