The mythical pregnancy

3 Feb

There’s a disturbing trend that I keep hearing about and it seems to be increasing in popularity. This is the ‘fake pregnancy’ manoeuvre in which a woman convinces a guy that he’s gotten her pregnant and that she must now have an abortion and because abortions are expensive, she’s going to need some financial help.

If a guy is actually careless enough to get a woman pregnant without intending to, of course he should contribute to the cost of an abortion if that’s the chosen course of action. Of the guys I know, I can’t imagine any of them thinking differently, maybe that’s mostly because I hang out with your classic ‘nice guys’ but even so, it’d be a pretty horrible bloke that would flat out refuse to help when faced with that situation.

It seems to be ‘nice guys’ that are the most likely target for this fake pregnancy bullshit. I’ve heard stories of guys paying out up to $5,000 to a woman to contribute to the expense of her abortion only to later discover that she was never pregnant in the first place. $5,000 is pretty extreme but I’ve heard many instances of between $1,000 and $2,000 where it’s gotten back to the guy that he was duped.

When we talk about ‘crazy bitches’ around here, we’re talking about the sort of women who would pull this type of scam. This is grade A, stay the hell away from the head case, crazy bitch behaviour.

Tip: If you don’t want to be called a crazy bitch, never lie to anyone about being pregnant.

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