A first hand account

5 Feb

I stumbled onto a first hand account of the actions of crazy bitch and I’d like to share it with you. Here’s a snippet:

After awhile, I started to blame John for all of these problems. I mean, why didn’t he realize that I was totally out of his league?

Did you feel a little dirty reading that last sentence? Well, I felt dirty typing it. But I must warn you, it only gets uglier.

One day, John presented me with a gift that cost him a fair chunk of change for a high school kid. It was a heart shaped pendant, encrusted with diamonds, on a gold chain. When he gave it to me, he smiled his big goofy smile and told me that he had been saving for a few months now to buy it for me. It was at this precise instant that I. Just. Snapped.

I tossed the necklace aside and angrily informed John that I didn’t want it. I told him that I hated him and if we were the last two people on the planet, I would never date him. I called him a loser, a wimp, and a social retard. His face crumpled as I viciously emasculated him, but I couldn’t stop myself. I was fueled by anger and resentment and guilt and embarrassment. Finally, John weakly tried to defend himself and he whispered hoarsely that I was a bitch. Furious, I called him a dork and stormed out of the library, my cheeks hot with rage.

Oh, we’re not done here yet! Stick with me; it’s going to get uglier!

I sought out my friends and recounted, with sudden remorse, how I broke John’s spirit. I thought that they would be disgusted by my cruelty, but they only laughed and egged me on. They thought my parting insult, DORK, was the epitome of comedy and humor. From that point on, whenever we saw John in the halls, we’d scream at him and taunt him and oh so nastily remind him that he was a DORK. This went on for weeks.

Read the whole thing here: http://www.violentacres.com/archives/92/love-shame-and-the-human-pecking-order/.

This story is about a teenage girl, and to be fair, teenagers are not the best examples of anything. The boys have no idea what they’re doing, they only know they want the girls, and the girls are typically just starting to learn that they can bend the boys to their will with their feminine ways.

We all have to learn what’s right and wrong when it comes to dealing with the other sex at some point in life, and for the majority of us that happens in high school. Even so, it does still go too far sometimes. I think the story I’ve linked to here is a great example of that.

The scary part about all this is that not everyone grows out of this sort of behaviour. Plenty of guys never connect the dots when it comes to women, and some never actually realise that women are, in fact, human beings just like us.

The same goes for women. I’ve bumped into a few particularly unpleasant women well into adulthood, who still go around leading guys on, purely for the gratification of the attention. You can often spot these women in bars: they show a bit too much flesh, they ask guys they have no interest in to buy them drinks, they flirt mercilessly with guys they don’t want at all, and they laugh at the poor ignorant fellas who get taken in by this and think they’re in with a shot. These women, the ones using men for their own entertainment, well, they’re the sort of women that drum up interest in a blog like this. They may not all be crazy bitches but the guys who they’re toying with will certainly think they are.

That sort of behaviour is barely acceptable by a teenage girl who is just learning her way in the world. In my opinion, it’s childish and any fully grown woman who does that sort of thing should be ashamed of herself. Flirt your brains out if you want, have guys buy you drinks too, get attention from guys, go for your life! But restrict that stuff to the guys you are actually interested in or you’ll soon be getting referred to as ‘that crazy bitch’ and if the guys you’re actually interested in see you doing that shit, they’re not going to be interested in you.

We’re all human beings. That golden rule is pretty reliable. Keep it in mind.

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