Overly attached girlfriend

20 Feb

This one’s just for a laugh. There’s a meme that’s been going around for a long time now which is referred to as Overly Attached Girlfriend. In essence it’s about those things that a guy’s girlfriend has said to him that are about her intentions to keep him around forever, or that she’s planning a lot further ahead than is appropriate, or just generally that she’s gone beyond ‘head over heels’ in love  straight into creepy stalker territory.

Here are a few to get you going. If you catch yourself saying anything like these quotes, you’re definitely crossing the boundaries into crazy-bitchville.

If you’re looking for more of these, head over to reddit.com/r/adviceanimals , memegeneratorlivememe or head straight to the mother load.

Crazy-bitch tip of the day: If you’re about to say something, if it would make a good overly attached girlfriend meme, best to keep that one as a thought rather.

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