Think before you speak

23 Mar

Today’s post is about taking the opportunity to think before you speak. This is an important facet of being interpreted as a normal human being. It’s understandable that slip-ups will occur from time to time and, depending on the level of foot-in-mouth faux pas you let by, you may just get away with the occasional nutty statement.

It’s worth remembering that, if you do say something which triggers every human being within listening distance to look at you like you just coughed up a mental ward nomination, it’s wise to take on board the general consensus on the topic. I’m not saying you have to believe the common view, or that you should cave to other’s opinions but you’re going to avoid a lot of people thinking you’re a crazy bitch if you’re told you’re wrong about something and you just flat-out disregard the information offered to you by people who actually study in the related field.

Let’s face it, this was all just an excuse to give me a reason to post this video about a woman who doesn’t believe dogs have brains…

Trish here had many, many opportunities to stop saying things that make people think she’s a crazy bitch but she has chosen time and again to continue with her “thought” process. It’s true that we might never have heard of her if she had remained silent on the whole dog brains topic, but I’ve got to think it’s better to be unknown than it is to be known as “that crazy bitch who thinks dogs don’t have brains”.

But Trish craves attention so much that she is willing to accept being known forever as an idiot. And thus we are treated to more…

That old adage “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt” still applies today. In fact, the permanence of our modern communications perhaps make it even more relevant.

Crazy bitch tip: if you don’t want people to think you’ve got a solid case of nut-bar-iris, it’s worth taking a few seconds to consider what you want to say before you actually let it out.

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