The difference between appropriate and inappropriate

25 Mar

Most of us learn that the way we behave should be influenced by the company we’re with and the setting we’re in. For example, speedos magically become undies if you’re not near the water, as the following scientific ice-cream commercial demonstrates.


As we grow up we pick up on these social norms and we adapt ourselves to fit. Most of us don’t talk on our phones while we’re at the movies. Most of us don’t speak the same way with our boss that we do when we’re with our friends, and most of us don’t drive at twice the speed limit and swear at the dealership representative while we’re taking a car out for a test drive.

Most of us…


In case you were wondering, haole is an Hawaiian word that literally translates to foreigner but is also used as a racial slur. The passenger in the video seemed to be expecting it, don’t you think? This additional information indicates that we’ve just seen a woman being completely inappropriate in both action and words, and she’s thrown in a bit of light racism to leave us no other option but to consider her an absolutely mental, max-level, super-duper crazy bitch.

We’re not here to hate, though, are we? We’re here to educate and provide assistance to those people who would like to avoid being painted with the same brush as women of this ilk. The biggest mistake the woman in the video made was to let her crazy out in the wrong circumstances with the wrong person. Those close to her might have been willing to look past her double-the-limit speed and overtly aggressive and racist screaming. Maybe, but she didn’t consider how her inappropriate behaviour might come back to bite her.

Crazy bitch tip: If you realise you’re doing something inappropriate, either stop yourself or acknowledge that you’re willingly choosing to accept the potential of a video of you acting like a complete and utter bitch-faced monster going viral. You have a choice to make.

If the speeding, shrieking, swear-goblin video wasn’t enough to convince you, witness the infamous glory of these two oxygen stealing CBs:


crazy bitch tip: the nicest outfit and hat can’t make you classy if you’re acting like a drunken ape.

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