Accepting no for an answer

4 Apr

It can be difficult to accept no for an answer. We’ve all been faced with that situation and felt that urge to continue to fight it when we know there’s really no way around it. Maybe the person you’re interested in doesn’t feel the same way about you but you’re sure you can convince them. Maybe you really wanted to succeed at something and you tried as hard as you possibly could. Or, maybe you just really want some chicken nuggets but they’re only serving the breakfast menu.

Whatever the case, it’s extremely difficult to be faced with a “No” when you want to hear “Yes”. Difficult it may be, but you need to find a way to accept it or you run the risk of putting out that vibe of being a bit off. If you still won’t accept that No after a few months, you’re cranking that vibe up to creepy status. Still refusing to accept that No for an answer after a year and you’ll push yourself into that crazy-bitch echelon. Beyond that and you’ve realistically got bigger things to worry about than what other people think of you.

That’s how it usually works but it is possible to accelerate your way straight to “holy mother of crap! that bitch is crazy! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES” territory within just a few seconds. For example…


Right about when she warned “Don’t make me assume my ultimate form” I’d have grabbed a bag of frozen chicken nuggets and handed ’em right over.

Crazy bitch tip: Some people will stick to the rules even when their lives are in danger. If they tell you no, best just to find a way to accept it.

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    […] purely because of her unacceptable choice of  clothing. Between this and my recent post about the woman who went nuts over not getting her chicken nuggets are anything to go by, fast food joints are good places to find the girls who’ve crossed over […]


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