Resolving disagreements

8 Apr

Disagreements can be a problem. It’s no fun to be involved with someone and then discover that their point of view on a topic is opposite to yours, particularly if it’s a topic you’re passionate about. As frustrating as situations of this nature might be however, it’s the way you handle the conflict that will reflect your ability to be sensible and, for lack of a better word, normal. Flying off the handle isn’t going to help. It’s only going to exacerbate the scenario and increase the likelihood of a negative outcome, and that’s no good for anyone involved.

Good advice to follow

Good advice to follow

It’s acceptable and understandable to become angry at someone who has done something damaging to you but it’s essential that you’re certain they’re guilty of the alleged crime before you respond. In a situation where you’re accusing someone of an action you disapprove of, at least hear the other person out. Don’t jump to conclusions without all the evidence and choose to use words instead of actions to dictate your dissatisfaction with the circumstances as you understand them.

Learn from this cautionary tale:

A WOMAN in Chile killed her partner before dismembering his body and cooking the remains after she accused him of stealing $10,000 from her, local media reported Monday.

More details at:

Do not kill the person and cook their remains. This is considered crazy. This will earn you the status “crazy bitch” and will damage your opportunities for a successful and happy life in the future.

Crazy bitch tip: No matter what the circumstances, cooking a human being is always the wrong choice

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