Dress code

9 Apr

Many places have a dress code. That means that you’re expected to wear a certain type of clothing when you visit those establishments. The expected attire varies from place to place and can range from formal dress, right down to bathers. It’s one of those things that you have to be aware of or you risk standing out from the crowd, and not in the good way. This all ties in a little with a previous post regarding appropriate v inappropriate but I want to stress that I’m not saying that anyone should dictate to you how you should dress, I’m saying that you should consider what your choice of clothing is saying about you.

Here are a few examples of choices of clothing that probably won’t work out well for you:

Sexy lawyer

Not ok for work, unless you’re a stripper.

Prom dress with exposed pregnant belly

Not OK for your high school prom, even if you’re not pregnant.


Shorts that don't cover all her bum or all her fat rolls

Not OK for shopping in the real world, barely OK for shopping online from your bedroom.


Granny in a g-string.



But these are only the tip of the iceberg. I have discovered an impressive how-not-to video that clearly shows how wearing the wrong clothing can immediately have you labeled a crazy bitch by one and all. Without further ado, let’s roll the footage…


And there you have it. She goes from disorderly customer to downright grade A crazy bitch immediately purely because of her unacceptable choice of  clothing. Between this and my recent post about the woman who went nuts over not getting her chicken nuggets are anything to go by, fast food joints are good places to find the girls who’ve crossed over to full bat-shit loony.

Crazy bitch tip: stay away from fast food restaurants. They seem to bring out the worst in people.


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