YOLO. No, No.

13 Apr

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term YOLO, it is an abbreviation of You Only Live Once. YOLO became popular as a result of a song called “The Motto”, released in 2011 by Canadian rapper, Drake.

YOLO quickly became the war-cry of young people everywhere as they embarked upon risky, poorly thought-out endeavors.

For instance:

A bad decision (Photograph of young lady with the word DRAKE tattood across her forehead.

YOLO is not a particularly new concept. A similar phrase with a similar meaning has been around for many centuries. To behave as if every day might be your last is potentially very beneficial, but it can also have its drawbacks:

YOLO. Oh No! Jack Black is not known for his wisdom but in this case, it appears he was onto something when he pointed this out:

YOLO is Carpe Diem for stupid people.Evidence in his favour was clear as the trend caught on and people became more and more willing to ignore common sense completely and instead make obviously bad decisions. If you’re going to make a bad decision, it’s far better to make one that will only have a short-term impact. YOLO, however inspired the sorts of bad decisions which will last a very, very long time.

yolo tattoo yolo tattoo yolo tattoo yolo tattoo yolo tattoo yolo tattoo

So how does this jibber-jabber about YOLO relate to avoiding the crazy-bitch monicker? I think it’s fairly clear already but I might as well state the obvious. Impulsiveness is a massive indicator that you’re a crazy bitch. If you’re out for the night with a guy you like and you end up in the following situation, it’s quite likely that guy you like is going to see you as too crazy for his liking.

Bitches be like YOLO

It’s just not what most guys are after. Actually, if the guy is after that, you’d better stay the hell away from him.

Crazy bitch tip: You do only live once, so take some chances in life and push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but don’t get shitty tattoos you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Crazy bitch bonus tip: Avoid acting anything like this…


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