Taxi rider

15 Apr

When you get in a taxi, do not attempt to molest the taxi driver.

The woman in the video above is a lawyer. After the incident she accused the taxi driver of sexually assaulting her and illegally filming her for voyeurism. If you’ve watched the video, you’ve already seen that that’s some crazy bullshit. Good thing he captured that video actually because the result of these false allegations was him being imprisoned. Fortunately he managed to show the video to the police and was cleared of all charges. He’s now suing for false imprisonment and she’s getting busted making false accusations.

You want to know what a crazy bitch looks like? Watch that video again. As if taxi drivers don’t have to put up with enough bullshit in their every day lives.

Crazy bitch tip: Your state of sexual arousal is not necessarily relevant to every man in sight.

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