Pets are not toys

27 Apr

A bit of a warning, if you love dogs this story might make you sick.

I’m not one of those people who thinks of pets as children. Technically I don’t even have any pets of my own but my girlfriend has two dogs and I like having them around.

A pet is an animal. By choosing to take on a pet you’re choosing to accept the responsibility of taking care of that animal for its natural life.

Don’t get pets just because they’re cute. Don’t get pets purely because you’re lonely. Don’t get pets without considering the lifespan of the animal and the time and effort involved in giving it a good life.

The responsibility you take on when you get a pet doesn’t just disappear because you’re having a rough time. If you can’t look after the pet anymore, it’s your responsibility to get it to someone who will.

This rant about pet ownership is due to my discovery of this horrible, and very crazy bitch.

Crazy bitch tip: your responsibilities are not absolved just because you’re having a tough time.

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