Raising a brow

30 Apr

I’m no fashionista. I’m certainly not up to speed with the trends but I can understand that some people are into looking nice, or edgy, or that they simply get bored with their look and want to change it up. It’s not my thing but it’s just another way for people to express themselves and have some fun and if that’s your thing, you get right into it and enjoy yourself.

Still, as unfashionable as I might be, I can still tell the difference between the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t tend to notice the good but I do pick up on the bad and I don’t think anyone is able to ignore the seriously ugly. The thing is, if everyone (even me) is noticing an effort towards fashion and thinking it’s fugly, how does the person wearing it not know?

That’s where we get into crazy bitch turf. I’m of the strong opinion that if your ‘look’ is crazy, it’s pretty likely that you’re a bit off kilter as well. If the way you present yourself to the world is nutty, chances are that the brain which chose to represent itself that way is not running on all cylinders.

Who am I to judge though? Take a look at this collection of stylised eyebrows and you tell me how many of these women look like crazy bitches…

So what do you think? How many of these women do you think would fall into the crazy bitch categorisation?

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