In the interest of equality

11 May

Inequality between the sexes is a big deal. Even in 2014 women still get paid less than men, though at least the gap is decreasing. There are many other instances in which the fairer sex gets the unfair end of things. Given that I run a website entitled How Not To Be A Crazy Bitch, you might suspect me to be the sort of guy that thinks that there is women’s work and men’s work and all that rubbish but I’m actually 100% in favour of equality. I complain here about crazy bitches and I give examples of just how impressively crazy and bitchy some women can be but that doesn’t mean I don’t think there are plenty of other women out there who are awesome, quite the opposite.

I think my experiences with crazy bitches have actually reinforced my mindset that a lot of this behaviour is the result of another form of inequality, that being that society is far too quick to dismiss overly emotional and dramatic behaviour if that behaviour is coming from someone with ovaries when the same behaviour portrayed by someone with testicles would be handled very differently. In my opinion this is actually damaging to women and their efforts towards being seen as equals by everyone, everywhere.

In recent years I’ve worked in offices where there were more women than men. That’s fine, no worries there. What wasn’t fine was all the bitching that went on and how quickly work meetings would turn into hours long conversation about the attendees family lives, children, pets and even recipes, cooking and housework. Sometimes I thought I was trapped in a sit-com full of exaggerated stereotypes. The unnecessary drama and conniving was beyond belief.

As I mentioned, I think women are equal to men and I’m well aware that there are plenty of men letting down the male side too but I really honestly think that women will only be considered truly equal to me when the same expectations are placed on them. In most places I’ve worked I might see someone cry once a year. In the place where I was the only guy, it was more like once a week. I’m not belittling the fact that people get emotional, I’m just saying that stuff is not acceptable for the workplace.

It’s not just workplaces where these inequalities are accepted. When I was single, I paid for plenty of dinners. I was expected to make all the decisions and make all the moves. I was expected to be some sort of magician capable of figuring out if a girl was actually interested in me, or if she just liked a nice free meal, or if she just wanted to be friends, or if she was way too interested. I was supposed to know that when I leaned in for a kiss and that the girl gave me the cheek, that she was actually really into me but that she was scared of getting into something. I was also supposed to know that even though I landed the kiss with another girl and she kissed me back and then told me to call her, that she was not interested in me.

I call bullshit. I call bullshit on the whole thing. I’m telling you, ladies, stop excusing yourselves and each other for the behaviours that men turn into stereotypes and label you with. You are capable of everything men are, so don’t let yourselves down and fall into the trap of being bitchy at your coworkers, or focusing on “women things” at work. Don’t let yourselves be flighty and don’t let your emotions stop you doing the right thing. Every time you accept things like this from yourselves and your female friends, you’re providing examples that the morons amongst us who think you’re only good for cooking, cleaning and making babies.

Even though I don’t think this diatribe will be well received, I believe in equality enough to say it.

And on the subject of equality, I’ve decided that I don’t like being so uneven in my subject matter. This site is so heavy with content about crazy bitches that I decided there needs to be an equivalent for men too. I’ve called it How Not To Be A Massive Douche, it’s over at It’s pretty light on content at the moment but I’m going to start loading it up, so if you have anything you think should be posted there, let me know in the comments.Don’t worry, rule number 1 for How Not To Be A Massive Douche will very likely be “Do not create a website called How Not To Be a Crazy Bitch”.

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