21 May

Janeane Garofalo is a stand-up comedienne and she’s pretty good at that. I’m not going to say that I’m certain she’s a crazy bitch but it is a question that I ponder when I see things like the following video.

Now, that’s footage of a bit of stand-up and stand-up comedy is exactly that, comedy. Comedians and comediennes often adopt a persona when they perform. The persona is sometimes very close to their everyday selves and sometimes the total opposite. Who knows if she really believes what shes saying here but Janeane is talking about the removal of female pubic hair as pandering to the wants of men and implying that if a man is more attracted to lady-bits sans pubes as likely pedophiles.

I disagree with her take on both these things. Firstly, if you had the choice of eating a lasagne full of pubes or a lasagne with zero pubic hair content, I’m betting the average person would take the non-pube variant.

Secondly, guys are generally pretty easy to please when it comes to vaginas. If there is a vagina in the vicinity, there’s going to be a guy trying to get access to it, regardless of make, model and trim.

Thirdly, I firmly believe that the majority of women’s fashion has absolutely nothing to do with what men are interested in. I personally did not dictate any of this, for example:

Lady Gaga's fashion

I really think women’s fashion is targeted at other women. That’s OK. I barely notice it anyway, unless it’s this crazy over-the-top stuff, which I just think is weird.

In regards to the health advantages or leaving the fur-berger wearing fur, it’s actually proven that removing the hair is helping to eradicate those little blood sucking parasites we all affectionately know as crabs. This trend has actually lead to pubic lice becoming an endangered species, and that’s about the only time that’s happened and the world has rejoiced at the news.

Pubic Louse

Janeane Garofalo wants to maintain the habitats of these blood sucking, underpants dwellers. Why do you hate humankind, Janeane?

So, is Janeane a crazy bitch? I don’t know. She always seemed nice to me and I liked her portrayal as a female Jerry Seinfeld but I am still confused as to why someone who has had plastic surgery in an attempt to adhere to the wants of Hollywood is complaining that women the world over feel more comfortable wearing a bikini without hair hanging out the sides of it.

Is this what you want, Janeane?


Bikini wax season


Hairy 1

Crazy bitch tip: Most guys are surprised to find a massive 70s style bush when they go on a journey into the unknown, and not in a good way. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it, just don’t go expecting rave reviews.

Then again, maybe I’m just a cog in the big-wax industry and I’m just trying to negate someone who’s finally discovered the truth about our pubic-hair eradication policy. Or maybe, just maybe Janeane is just taking-the-piss here, and I am too.

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    nice hot look



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