Hands off

12 Jun

This video shows a crazy bitch displaying the incorrect way to deal with her concern over a younger guy’s behaviour.

The woman is concerned that the guy is ‘taking pictures’ so she calls the police, then attacks the guy. The guy doesn’t fight back but he does attempt to disable the woman and tell her to stop assaulting him. He yells for help but no one comes to his aid. Apparently when the police did arrive, they arrested the woman but only after seeing the video.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the woman to have been bothered by this guy potentially filming scantily clad women at the beach. If that’s what he was doing, of course he should get in trouble for it. Hell, if that’s what he’s doing I hope he gets locked away but she has no reasonable basis for to assume that’s what he’s doing and when you watch the video, you don’t get the impression he’s a lecherous dude trying to have a perv, you get the impression he’s a young guy participating in the hobby of flying a remote controlled drone.

The point at which she goes way too far is when she starts physically attacking the dude. That’s not cool. She’s jumped to a conclusion, judged him as guilty without any evidence and now she’s trying to hurt him! That’s some crazy bitch activity right there!

Can you imagine if a man had caught an adolescent girl flying a drone around at the beach and had decided that she was trying to perv on him and his mates, then tackled her and started punching at her? That guy would be in jail in 20 minutes and it’d be all over the news the next day, not to mention he’d probably be beaten half to death by any other guys in the vicinity.

Reminds me of this video actually…

So ladies, if you catch yourself at the point of thinking your best course of action is physically attack someone, try to stop to think “This is what a crazy bitch would do. Do I want to be viewed as a crazy bitch?” Part of the reason it’s such a crazy thing to do is that a) the guy isn’t allowed to hit you back and b) if you happen to attack the wrong guy and he chooses to ignore that whole ‘a man should never hit a woman’ thing, it’s going to work out very badly for you.

No, I’m not saying it’s ok for a man to hit a woman, regardless of the circumstances. It’s not ok for anyone to hit anyone. So, yet again I’m trying to get this point across…

Crazy bitch tip: Do not attack anyone, ever.

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