Princess Rene

9 Sep

The word Princess

What do you think of when you think of a princess? Class? Elegance? Grace?


Princess Grace, of Monaco. Doing the being a princess thing right.

I guess Princess Grace is a bit old fashioned compared to our modern world. Times have changed, after all. I mean, here’s Princess Mary. A totally different story, right?

Princess Mary, of Denmark. Also doing the being a princess thing right.

Princess Mary, of Denmark. Also doing the being a princess thing right.

Oh. She’s actually classy, graceful, elegant and demure also. Hrmm. It appears there are certain traits that will always be associated with those ladies bestowed with the title ‘Princess’.

Strangely, I notice that one of those traits is not screaming at men to punch themselves in the balls.

“Pardon?”, I hear you ask.

I’ve noticed that women who give themselves the title of ‘Princess’ tend to not really possess the honorable and admirable traits mentioned above. In general, I’d have to say that most women who decide for themselves that they’re a princess, are usually, kinda classless, horrible, crazy bitches. I’m not saying that if you called yourself a princess when you were a little girl that you were an awful little monster. Of course not! You were a kid playing kid games and using your imagination to pretend you were someone wonderful and glamorous! What I’m talking about are fully grown women who go around calling themselves a princess when they’re not.

Princess Rene

So I did a little research and found a prime example of crazy bitch who calls herself a princess. Allow me to introduce you all to ‘Princess’ Rene.

'Princess' Rene. Kind of the opposite of a real princess.

‘Princess’ Rene. Kind of the opposite of a real princess.

Clearly, princess Rene has all the outward components of an attractive woman. Unfortunately, I suspect our dear Rene here is verging on mentally ill, and I say that because I have seen a video of her ‘at work’. I’m going to post the video below but let me first say that this video is targeting an adult demographic and it’s going to get weird. I’m telling you this ahead of time because getting caught watching this video is going to be tough to explain to your boss, or your mum, or, well, anyone. Anyway, take it away Rene…

Let’s just take a minute and consider that, huh?

“My lips are natural and gorgeous and lips that women pay thousands of dollars to achieve.” – princess Rene

“That’s right loser. You’re going to feel some pain for me.” – princess Rene

“In order to get your first kiss from me, I want you to take your hand and make a fist AND PUNCH YOURSELF IN THE FUCKING BALLS” – princess Rene

“Is this fun for you? Cos it’s fun for me!” – princess Rene

“Look at you. You would do anything for me wouldn’t you, you fucking bitch” – princess Rene

“You would do anything for meeeeee. And why wouldn’t you? I’m fucking perfect. I’m amazing. I’m gorgeousssss.” – princess Rene

“I want you to do one last ball-punch” – princess Rene

The charming princess Rene.

The charming princess Rene.

I’m not going to pretend there aren’t guys out there that are attracted to ‘bitchy’ girls like this but I can tell you that I’m not one of those guys. I can also tell you that any guy that is attracted to women like this has some issues that might be worth dealing with. Seeing that we’re on How Not To Be A Crazy Bitch though, I’m going to focus more on the pink-lingerie clad, little nut-bar we’ve just watched scream into a video camera of some sort for few minutes with the intention of getting men to punch themselves in the balls over her.

More than meets the eye

What strikes me as interesting about Rene is that she is playing out the natural extension of a certain type of woman, that type being the attractive but very insecure girl. If you spoke with Rene (or whatever her real name is) about this video, she’d tell you she’s just playing a role, just pretending, that she’s only doing this silly stuff because it’s a way to make easy money. But I’d call bullshit on that, because someone as physically attractive as Rene here, could be making money hand over fist in a bunch of different ways because, let’s face it, men are pretty quick to hand over money when a good looking woman is around.

Nope. Rene here is absolutely into what she’s doing. She’s getting her jollies knowing that she has a power over guys. I’ve run into girls like this. I guarantee you that Rene will treat any man who shows interest in her like he’s a worthless piece of shit but she knows deep down she doesn’t really have any power, and that’s why the guy who ignores her is the one she’s going to chase. Of course, she’ll only chase him until he actually shows that he’s interested in her, at which point she will immediately relegate him to the rank of loser in her head and lose all interest in him.

Girls like Rene spend their whole lives ‘testing’ men by treating them like absolute shit, and the only guys they’re interested in are the guys who don’t give a shit about them because those guys don’t react to her bullshit. It’s ironic because girls like Rene end up throwing themselves at the guys who don’t care about them specifically because those guys don’t care about them, and then they complain about the fact that those guys don’t care about them. Then, to make themselves feel better, they abuse their power over other men in order to return the pain and suffering they felt at being rejected or ignored.

Don’t be like Rene

Think about it like this: If Rene here were really as confident and happy as she would like us to believe, would she really be stuck filming herself on a computer in a random, empty bedroom? Wouldn’t she at least have a cameraman?

Everything about Rene’s behaviour in the video screams to me that she’s a spoiled little kid who never matured into adulthood. She’s fueled by her joy of abusing the natural power her physique gives her and comes across to me as a vapid, self-centred, sadistic, angry little sociopath who is very confused about her position within the world. Do you think Rene sits back at the end of a long day filming “punch yourself in the balls” videos and thinks to herself, “I’m really living a fulfilling life of pure joy and satisfaction”? I doubt it.

Look, if you won the genetic lottery and as the result you’re an attractive young woman, please don’t waste your time playing stupid, pointless, hurtful power-games. You won’t get what you really want out of it, all you’ll do is cause yourself and a bunch of other people a shitload of unnecessary suffering. Look at what the truly happy people in the world do… they treat each other with respect and consideration and they certainly don’t intentionally inflict suffering or test each other for vulnerabilities.

I’m in my mid thirties now and I’ve seen a lot of the girls that were really good looking when we were growing up somehow fuck themselves out of finding deep and meaningful relationships with good, genuine men because they couldn’t get past this immature urge to play power games. Don’t make that mistake because I’ve seen those same girls start throwing themselves at anything that even remotely resembles a man when their biological clocks start ticking and the crows feet start settling in, and it ain’t pretty.

Crazy bitch tip: Give the power games a break and try actually doing things that lead to happiness instead.


8 Responses to “Princess Rene”

  1. Anon 2015.01.23 at 2:50 am #

    Uh, yeah, last time I met a girl who acted like that was in first grade. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Nothing like a so-called “beautiful” girl (quotes because I beg to differ immensely, just my opinion) who, in reality, ends up being a mysandristic sadosociopath.

    May I suggest a few additions to her title? Princess Freaking Whackjob Rene. Sounds good.


    • Josh Atkens 2015.07.16 at 11:56 pm #

      Nice comeback dude. I agree completely. Men want a mature girl, not some chick that just wants attention. Am I right?


  2. anon 2016.06.26 at 8:09 am #

    I’ve never read someone so jealous before. Rene has every right to make money however she chooses to. You have every right to insult her, but it makes you a cunt. You act as though she wronged you in some way, but you don’t mention anything of the sort in your pathetic article. Are you a feminist? You certainly write like one.


    • the editor 2016.06.26 at 8:42 am #

      Best of luck with your continued ignoring of reality, anon.


  3. gustav 2018.11.11 at 9:49 am #

    The people who watch her have some serious issues and taking money from people with serious issues makes her a piece of shit. What girls and women like “Princess” Rene fails to understand is that being beautiful is only temporary. I have digged a bit and I have found that her first purchasable video from one of her sites is from the beginning of 2009. That means that she has to be at least in her late 20s and possibly even early 30s because she had to have been at least 18 years when she made that video otherwise it would have been illegal and she would be in jail by now. Her “career” is making and selling those videos. But will she be able to do that in 10 years? 20 years? No way, (almost) no one would watch her because she would simply be too old. Summarizing her, she is currently like an apple that is filled with rotten and stinky excrement that is covered with a thin layer of beautiful skin. But that skin will fall off sooner or later and then she would be toast. It would be a sad story but if you ask me, she deserves it.
    btw, great article!


    • Anonymous 2019.08.23 at 5:36 pm #

      U bitch.she is a hot white goddess.She deserves money.u should worship her hot sexy body her beauty is evergreen.
      Ballbust urself for her and swallow other mens cum for her like i do… I am a faggot for princess rene


  4. anonObserver44 2020.07.30 at 6:17 pm #

    Princess Rene is a latino who did not grow up identifying as a white person, she’s from a non European background, mixed race or what the Spanish once called Mestizo. She is narcissistic, which why she is doing what she does, sadly narcissism is rewarded in today’s world. I believe she had serious resentment against white people as an adolescent, being exposed to a predominantly white culture left feeling powerless as an outsider. She started to transition into a white person in her late teens and now projects her self hatred onto her beta clients. Only in this fucked up modern world can she become a multi millionaire based on a talent that is latent racism against white people, now that she is ‘white’, you can see her malignant self love. adolescent, being exposed to a predominantly white culture left feeling powerless as an outsider. She started to transition into a white person in her late teens and now projects her self hatred onto her beta clients. Only in this fucked up modern world can she become a multi millionaire based on a talent that is latent racism against white people, now that she is ‘white’, you can see her malignant self love.



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    […] impressed with how crazy our nut-punch instructor had appeared that I felt I had no choice but to share it with the readers. In the article I made a bunch of jokes about the difference between someone who is given the title […]


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