11 Sep

If you’re going through a tough time follow this link, you can always come back to this article later.

I started this site as a joke. I had the weirdest run with women for a few years there. No matter where I turned or if I was looking for a girl or not, I had crazy coming at me from all directions. The only good thing about that situation is that I got a bunch of funny/weird/creepy stories out of it. What better place to unleash those stories than on a website called How Not To Be A Crazy Bitch? I thought it’d be fun trying to turn the stories into something other women could learn from, and that’d also help reduce the hate that I suspected would be directed at me for daring to call any woman a crazy bitch.

Even though it started as a joke, this site is actually doing fairly well. I’m getting far more visitors than I’d ever have imagined when I started and it’s been a lot of fun so far. Making the animations was really fun and I’ve got a few other things up my sleeve that I think will get some laughs too.

One of the interesting things about running a website is seeing what lead people to the site. I’ll see the search terms that got viewers to the site and sometimes they’re just hilarious, for instance:

  • “how to not br s bitch”
  • “why men dont like crazy bitches”
  • “porno crazy one in the world”
  • “crazy bitch chicken -“
  • “how to bind shoes’s less”
  • “he in the friend zone he told her that he love her now she treat him like a brother he in the friend zone”

But those are one off, random searches. The most common search terms all seem to be about the same thing:

There's a trend here...

There’s a trend here…

Aside from the odd search for curvy girls and Janeane Garofalo’s butt, there actually seems to be a lot of people out there looking for real help. When I put this site together as a joke I just didn’t see that coming! So, now that I’m getting more and more visitors, I’ve decided to offer something useful for those people genuinely looking for help.

There’s now a Help page available in the main menu. The Help page includes links to resources intended specifically for people who are going through difficult times, need to talk, or need information on mental health issues. If you know of any resources that would benefit people going through a difficult time, particularly with mental health issues, please send the links through so I can add them to the Help page.

I post silly shit about women who should know better doing things they shouldn’t be doing and I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I specifically avoid posting anything about women with legit mental health issues. If you’ve ever known anyone with real mental health issues, you know that it can be torture for them and for the people around them and I would never want to add to that. If you’re going through anything of that nature, seek out the resources that are out there to help you, and take care of yourselves because I like having you around.

Crazy bitch tip: If you’re having a rough time, there are resources out there to help.

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