Stop making little girls swear

26 Oct

I’m pro-feminism but I’m not sure I’m pro-feminist. I think everyone should be equal and I think everyone should feel safe all the time. I think society’s focus on appearance is to its own detriment and I think there’s no matter what someone was wearing, they didn’t deserve to be raped.

Fighting to end inequality is good and justified but there are still right and wrong ways to do it. I don’t think the following video is the right way.

I love how enthusiastic the girls are in this video. I love that they’re representing a voice on the issues of feminism and equality but I hate that, by the end of watching the video, I begin to suspect an element of exploitation. I strongly doubt that those little girls really understand what they’re saying or truly understand the political background behind this video. I very much doubt that they understand that there are flow-on consequences to being in a viral video that might linger for decades to come. In short, they’re being used as political pawns instead of children. You might even suggest that these children are being encouraged to do something they wouldn’t do if they were fully aware of the consequences.

Ladies, please do raise your voice and fight for a fair-go and a modern society that treats you as equal to everyone else, but please don’t involve children in aggressive feminism marketing campaigns.

Crazy bitch tip: Please don’t convince little girls to swear on film and then try to make the video go viral.

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