Binge and binge and binge some more

10 Nov

Breaking up can be a hard thing to go through. Some women find solace in a tub of ice cream, while others feel the need to spend a whole week at KFC.

I’ve discovered that a lovesick Chinese woman dumped by her boyfriend spent an entire week in a KFC eating chicken wings.

Depressed Tan Shen, 26, from Chengdu, in China’s southwest Sichuan Province, decided she needed some fried comfort food to get over her ex.

She stopped off at a KFC near a train station by her home, but ended up staying for a whole week because she ‘needed time to think’.

I can kinda understand the need to escape or not wanting to go back to her apartment, as she puts it, because ‘it was full of memories of [her boyfriend]’ but spending an entire week in a fast food shop eating fried chicken is not the best remedy and sure as hell won’t help her meet another guy.

I feel for this poor girl. break-ups can really sting and It’s a horrible shame that she’s having such a difficult time. She’s clearly not thinking straight, though, so I hope her friends and family get hold of her and help her find a better guy. Maybe a guy who works at KFC… so she can eat all the fried chicken she wants without the disadvantages of coming across as a crazy person.

Check out the article at:–26–dumped-by-boyfriend-spends-entire-week-in-kfc-131549197.html#lu5SXVp.

Crazy bitch tip: If you feel the need to binge after a breakup, go ahead, just keep it to one day per location max!

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