Most of us do NOT love the game

11 Nov

Some people convince themselves that, because they enjoy a life full of drama and chaos, that everyone else does too.

In my experience the most dramatic people tend to be those who have had the easiest lives. The ones who have never had to worry about if they can afford to eat every day this week, or if they can afford their rent, or to replace their clothes which have become threadbare.

I’m not much into pop-music but this video is such a great example of the nightmare you can find yourself in when you’re deceived into letting someone who thinks love and life are games.

By the way, the knife-wielding scene in this video is supposed to be a big exaggeration, but let me tell you, it’s no joke! I’ve seen it happen. I’ve been afraid that a girl I was seeing was going to poison me. I’ve been afraid a girl I was seeing was going so smash me in the skull with a glass or kill me in my sleep. Obviously I decided to stop seeing her. That’s when the copious messages and phone calls started.

Stop playing your weird games with people and try to remember that those people are human beings with thoughts and feelings and a past and a future and dreams and desires of their own. They do not exist for your amusement or to spice up your life.

Crazy bitch tip: If you want to live a happy life, don’t treat your life like every relationship is a game.

There are people who love ‘the game’. If you really can’t help but play, those are the only people you should be playing with. Leave the rest of us out of this stupidity.

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