Lingerie can only do so much

29 Nov

If you’re buying sexy lingerie, my guess is that the reason is you’d like to feel sexy. Maybe it’s just for you, maybe it’s because you like the way your significant other reacts to seeing you in that sort of clothing. At the end of the day, though, you want to feel good about yourself and you’re throwing some of the task of helping you feel that way on the shoulders of your chosen lingerie.

The thing about that is, your undies can only really do so much to help you feel good about yourself. You’ve got to remember that it’s how you behave that’s going to matter more.

These people were at the black friday sales somewhere in America the other day, and they were all pretty intent on getting the same short supply of sexy undies. Check out how it played out…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that’s not a turn on for me. If I was watched my significant other behave like that, the last thing I’d be thinking is getting her home to see how she looks in the lingerie she manhandled another woman to get.

If the ultimate goal of this scenario was for each woman to feel better about herself, then the actions they chose have clearly gone against that intent.

This way of thinking doesn’t only apply to wrestling strangers on the ground in apartment store to buy some discounted but still over-priced frilly bits of cloth, it applies to life in general. Keep in mind your primary goal, and consider the importance of the obstacles that come up in your path on the way to that goal before you react to them.

If, for example, you suspect that you might have to get into a fight just to get some undergarments at a discount, perhaps that won’t help your life. Perhaps, it’s not worth it. Perhaps the negative impact of being caught on video in a scrum in an underwear department on black friday will actually make you feel worse about yourself, and therefore isn’t a good decision.

Crazy bitch tip: stop and think about what’s about to play about before you decide to tackle a person to the ground over some pricey cloth.

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