Don’t roam around yelling at people and expect your day to go well

8 Jan

You know how you’re a human being with feelings and emotions and shit to do? Most people understand that everyone else has their own feelings, emotions and shit to do too, and that’s why we try be courteous and considerate as we go about our lives.

You’d think that anyone old enough to go outside on their own would have a good grasp on this concept, but I have video evidence that this is not the case. In the following video you will not only see a young ‘lady’ roaming around disregarding the fact that everyone else has shit to do, you’ll also see that she still hasn’t grasped the fact that when you scream at strangers, they tend to react badly.

As far as I’m concerned, the girl in this video got exactly what she deserved. There’s a term for this sort of thing: Justice Porn. Even though I don’t think people should resort to violence, I absolutely love seeing a loudmouth moron get what’s coming to them.

Advice for those of you who think this is a good way to go about things

If you’re not happy about something, screaming at strangers who are just trying to get through their day is not really the best way to cause the change you’re hoping for. All it will do is piss people off. If you want people to listen to your message, you should consider not insulting them by calling them ‘ghetto’ or ‘trash’ or whatever else is rambling through your drunken mind. Also, don’t be drunk because that’s not conducive to pleasant, intelligible conversation.

Crazy bitch tip: if you do not start excrement, there will not be excrement.

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