Some sugar ain’t so sweet

23 Jan

Just… just watch

“I didn’t see his winky at all” – Judy “He’d write me cheques and I’d go to the local bank and cash them” – Judy “I could open my own business and do those things… but… I wanted to shop” – Judy “There’s like 50 different sugar daddy sites but I went to the one that said ‘official’ ” – Judy “She’ll come into the computer room and she’s like ‘Oh Mommy are you on Sugar Daddies again?’ and I’m like ‘Hillary’, and she’ll be like ‘Do we have to go to Western Union right now…?’ ” – Judy

Holy mother of crap. First off, sorry to subject you to the Tyra show (or whatever it’s called). These sugar babies are revolting to me. Seriously, flat out revolting. The word “vapid” sums it up perfectly as far as I’m concerned. In the same way that the guys out there who actually go around cat-calling are ruining things for the rest of us, women like this are making it worse for the decent women of the world.

That’s just not cool.

The decent guys out there in the world who’ve done well enough for themselves to have a bit of money are constantly under attack by women like this who trade their appeal for trinkets. That makes those guys wary of women generally, and turns the whole approach to getting into a relationship into this game of figuring out what your partner is really interested in.

At least these little money-suckers are up-front about it, I suppose.

So, big surprise, each of the sugar babies has been hurt in a relationship. Then they decided that all men are dogs, gave up completely on love and went balls-to-the-wall chasing down shiny and luxurious bullshit and using men as the way to get them.

The point that dude makes about these women having expiration dates is a damned good one. You can pull this shit for a while, but it won’t last. And when the guys with the money aren’t throwing it your way anymore, you best at least have a way of earning it for yourself.

It’s not only looking at men as if they’re money fountains which is gross, it’s looking at life as if it’s all about collecting shiny crap with fancy labels and aiming to be doted on like a spoiled fucking child. That’s the really scary part.

I totally get that, for a lot of people, having a sense of security is an important thing in life, and that one of the great advantages of having access to money is that you feel secure, but geeeeeez, what about actually loving the people you spend your days with? How can you possibly be happy if you’re putting up with someone because they can cover your expenses? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to marry someone who’s rich, but I am saying don’t sniff out their wallet before you figure out if you like their personality.

These Sugar Daddies are pretty fucking gross too. Throwing money at these girls like they’re whores just to get them to spend time with them, and turning company into a transactional arrangement. It’s friggin revolting. You can be damned sure that, just like the sugar babies in the video, these blokes have also given up on a lot of things.

It trips me out that there are dudes out there who are so willing to shower these vapid, materialistic bimbos in cash just to be around an attractive woman. For fuck’s sake, there are so many beautiful women in the world who are not looking at you like you’re a walking bank account, why not try to spend time with one of them? It’s such a cowardly approach to getting attention from the women these guys find attractive.

It’s a superficial exploit on both sides, sugar babies are attracted to money and don’t much care who happens to have the wallet, and sugar daddies are attracted to young, well shaped women, regardless of how horrible their personalities are. The girls’ side is “I like shopping, and you have money”, the guys’ side is “I like sexy and you’re carrying it around with you”. If the guy goes broke, the sugar baby leaves. If the girl gets fat or unattractive in some other way, the sugar daddy leaves her behind. There is absolutely zero interest by either party in the actual person behind the looks or behind the dollars, and to me, that’s more than enough reason to think this sugar daddy/sugar baby bullshit ain’t so sweet.

Crazy bitch tip: Earn your way and you’ll never have to rely on anyone else to feel secure or get what you want.

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