Age is not just a number

30 Jan

Young women have a tendency to think that “age doesn’t matter”.

Let me tell you something, it does matter. The reason it matters is that emotional and mental maturity is something that you cannot recognise in others until you yourself are mentally and emotionally mature. And therein lies the problem.

Young women (and men) aren’t always mature enough to understand the difference between someone their own age and someone 20 years older than them. This can lead to the older person taking advantage of the younger one.

Think about it like this… you know when you pretend to pull a coin out from behind a kid’s ear?

How friggin cute is that?

Anyway, the kid will legitimately believe that you have magical powers purely because you know how to trick them by doing something they don’t yet understand. You don’t have to be much older than your subject to get away with that trick, either. I reckon a 5 year old could easily trick a toddler with this simple illusion.

When it comes to people who are a little older, the tricks are just as well known, but they’re far less pleasant. Usually, the trick is “Let’s have sex” and the method is “By whatever deception or bullshit trickery needed”. And the older person can get away with this shit purely because they know things the younger person doesn’t yet understand.

There are a bunch of dickheads out there in the world who call themselves “Pick Up Artists”. Personally, I think these guys are arseholes but whatever, my point is that a lot of these Pick Up Artists go around tricking girls into being attracted to them. They do this by manipulating subconscious instincts and taking advantage of insecurities.

And the bigger the age gap, the easier it is for someone to get away with this shit. In fact, the bigger the age gap, the less capable the older person has to be to get what they want.

And I guess that’s why so many complete and utter losers end up chasing very young women, or as they’re more correctly known: children.

So just remember, age is not just a number. An age gap can mean the difference between dealing with someone who is treating you as an equal, or potentially dealing with someone who is intentionally taking advantage of what they know and you don’t.

There’s an old rule about this which can be used to figure out a reasonable age gap. Halve the older person’s age and add 7 to figure out the youngest person they should be seeing. So, if the older person is 40, they shouldn’t go out with anyone younger than 27 (half of 40 plus 7). If the older person is 28, they shouldn’t see anyone younger than 23. If they older person is 18, they might be ok to see a 16 year old, though I think that’s where the rule starts to fail because there’s a big difference between 16 and 18, but you get the idea.

Crazy bitch tip: Sometimes being young means that you don’t even understand why certain rules exist, but there’s usually a damned good reason.

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