3 Mar

Chen Lizra is a very cool, very sexy, very interesting woman.

In this TED Talk, she discusses seduction. It’ll take you about 13 minutes to get through it, and I reckon it’s well worth a watch.

I’ve got to admit, when I first saw the title of this video, I assumed the worst.

I assumed Ms Lizra was going to be teaching women the equivalent of what “Pick Up Artists” teach men, and I think Pick Up Artists are massive douches who have studied how to manipulate women’s emotions in order to take advantage of them, so that wasn’t a good start. But in this talk Ms Lizra makes some really interesting points about seduction, which I hadn’t considered before.

By the end of the talk, I started to think there’s nothing wrong with seduction, and I started thinking Ms Lizra was kinda awesome. I think it’s an excellent thing to teach people to be confident in themselves and to chase after what they really want, and if seduction helps along that path, let it be another tool in the shed.

Maybe that was just because Ms Lizra managed to seduce me, too. I don’t know, but I did enjoy that this video and it helped open my perspective of seduction, and I appreciate that.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post this video is to point out that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seducing people, but I do think there’s something wrong with seducing people purely for your own entertainment.

I reckon one of the key differences between a woman and a crazy bitch is understanding when it’s appropriate and inappropriate to use your skills of seduction.

A normal woman, for example, might intentionally seduce the man (or woman) she’s interested in, or the person she’s currently involved with. A crazy bitch might try to seduce every guy she meets purely because she likes the attention.

A normal woman might flirt with the guy she likes, to let him know she’s interested in him. A crazy bitch might flirt with the guy she thinks is a complete loser, just to get him to do something for her.

I’m going to assume that you get my point. The big difference between the two sides of the fence is intention. Being seductive is a powerful thing. When you’re powerful, you have to be careful about how you use that power.

Crazy bitch tip: If you’re fortunate enough to be seductive, only use it when your intentions are genuine, and don’t just go around having fun at the expense of others.

One Response to “Seduction”

  1. Chen Lizra 2019.10.05 at 3:39 am #

    You made me laugh… Hi, It’s Chen Lizra. I am glad my TED talk got you to view seduction in a new way. This was the whole point. I can’t stand pick-up artists. After my TED came out the top one contacted me and wanted to work with me, when I said it wasn’t a good match, he didn’t get it. I would call him Pick Up Artist in Denial lol. I’ve worked so hard to separate what I do from people like that so we can truly see that seduction itself is not bad, but rather like you said here – the intention behind it. You got it!

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