Pointing the chubby hypocritical finger

15 Mar

Chubby thiefIn case the image is difficult to read, it says:

I make my husband weight gain/protein bars to take to work (he forgets to eat) and I make a bunch of them at once for him to keep in his desk. The desks do not lock as per company policy.

He noticed some missing and asked his boss if they could point one of the security cameras toward his desk to see what’s going on.

It turns out one of his coworkers was stealing and eating them. The boss had talk with her and she did get in a bit of trouble.

But now she wants to sue my husband and I for her weight gain. The bars are around 400 calories each and she was stealing at least 2 a day. She ended up gain over 20 pounds.

What’s the likelihood that she could actually win a case against us?

– someone on Reddit whose username I don’t know (originally found at: http://i.imgur.com/kv4AjA6.jpg)

So, some fatty boombalada has been stealing food from someone else’s desk drawer, scarfing them down and put on about 10kg in the process. Then when the thief got called out on it, she connected the dots that the food she was stealing contributed to her enfattening, and instead of being ashamed and humiliated of her own actions, has instead decided that she is within her rights to take legal action against the victims of her thievery for getting her fat.

That, my friends, is the mindset of a crazy bitch!

If you steal food from someone and make yourself fat in the process of eating that stolen food, that’s on you! Only a crazy bitch or a massive douche would dare to think of suing the victim of their crime in such a scenario.

Crazy bitch tip: Do not commit a crime and then blame your victims for the impact of your crime.

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