Awesome women: Jenna Marbles

21 Mar

Jenna Marbles is pretty cool.

Jenna started uploading videos to youtube in 2010 and has an absolute buttload of viewers. I’d say there be a high number of people who are initially drawn to Jenna because she’s cute, and there’s no arguing that she’s a stunner, but I think what keeps people hooked is that Jenna is a really interesting and entertaining person.

Here’s a particular video that confirms to me that Jenna is awesome:

See, Jenna gets it!

You probably wouldn’t guess from most of Jenna’s videos but she has two friggin degrees, including a masters. That’s awesome in its own right. The fact that she’s also clear on the fact that the change in gender roles that’s happened of the past 5 or so decades has to be accepted on both sides of the penis/vagina divide.

I don’t necessarily agree with Jenna’s taste in style and I get that she has a few traits that can get on people’s nerves but, come on, she’s friggin hilarious! Like in this video about what she doesn’t understand about men.

And, then in this video, Jenna discusses what she doesn’t understand about girls.

And in this video, Jenna talks about things she doesn’t understand about sluts.

One of my favourite things about Jenna Marbles is that she is so open and willing to talk about the shit that doesn’t make any sense at all to guys. If I have a random question about women, chances are that Jenna has at least tried to talk about it. I appreciate that. I also appreciate that she acknowledges that there’s a lot of shit that women do that don’t make any sense at all.

Check out this video where she talks about being straight forward.

Fair enough, that might be a bit much, but I like the simplicity of her approach.

Anyway, that’s Jenna Marbles. She’s awesome. You can find her at: and her channel at:

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