Crazy bitch bride

25 Mar

I’ve had more than a few people suggest that the song Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry should be the theme song for this site. If you don’t know it, here it is:

Surprise, surprise, the subject of the song is a crazy bitch. The plus side of the crazy bitch in the song is that she “fucks so good she’s on top of it”.

The thing is, this song is kind of celebrating crazy bitch behaviour. I’m not saying having wild sex is a bad thing. Of course it’s not, but you don’t have to be a crazy bitch to have really good sex.

So I’m not especially in favour of that song being a theme song for this site, and I’m working on some music of my own that might end up taking up that role anyways.

Anyway, the real reason I’ve brought that song up is that I saw this video:

Yep. You’re seeing that right. A woman actually walked down the aisle at her wedding singing along to a song called Crazy Bitch. In fact, she didn’t just walk down the aisle to it, she was singing it as she went, while doing some stripper dance moves.

I think Jay Z speaks for the rest of the world, here…

Jay Z mega cringe

I don’t think there’s much else for me to say on this one, except that for some reason I found it slightly less bothersome once I saw that the groom was wearing a bandana.

Crazy bitch tip: You don’t have to give up having great sex when you stop being a crazy bitch, so feel free to lose the crazy and keep the fun sexy times.

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