You’re scaring the children

30 Mar

Hey, listen. I get that people like to get their freak on, and I’m totally on board with that. Well, to a level at least.

I reckon there has to be a line drawn in the sand at which it’s no longer ok for you to enjoy your kink, and I think that line is when you find a way to creep kids out in the process of indulging your fetish.

This, for example, is crossing a line if you ask me…

A woman dressed head to toe in latex with flippers for feat and no eye or mouth holes.Kids have got enough shit going on between having to learn everything they need to know to have the slightest hope of getting by in the big bad world without having to waste time asking questions about the latex mermaid they saw on the bloody train.

And it’s not just the kids, either. Those kids have parents who are going to have to answer those questions.

“Daddy, is that a mermaid?”
“No son, I’m pretty sure it’s a lady being forced to wear a full body latex suit, complete with tail, by her ‘master’. Her master is her sexual partner. If I had to guess I’d say this lady gets off on being degraded in public and her partner gets off on abusing people for his own entertainment. It’s just a sex thing, sweetie, she’s not a monster, just a kinky woman.”
“But how does she walk?”
“I don’t know, kiddo, I’m more curious about how she breathes.”

That’s not a conversation anyone should ever have to have with their kid, so please keep your freaky deaky sex clothes and paraphernalia out of their general vicinity.

Crazy bitch tip: Keep your dungeon antics to the dungeon and away from the children.

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