for the guys

first off, don’t come here to hate. this is meant to be a light-hearted way of letting the ladies know things they do that drives us nuts.

secondly, no, you’re not crazy (well probably not, what do i know?), chances are she is acting like a crazy bitch. it’s way more common than you’d think. there’s no escape. crazy bitches are everywhere and they’ll seek you out to throw their lunacy right at you for no good reason. if you haven’t yet suffered the brain bending of a crazy bitch, be warned, it’ll happen soon and the unavoidable result is endlessly pondering your role in their unfathomable actions.

listen closely now, this may be the one time someone tells you this and actually means it. it’s not you! seriously, it isn’t you! unfortunately, she probably doesn’t even realise the level of teary eyed, talking in circles nut-bar-ity she is providing you.

don’t give up though because we’re here for you brother. we’ll keep providing the educational materials and hopefully it’ll make its way to her soon. careful how you bring it up though, my good man, don’t go pouring petrol on an open flame.

and one last thing. it doesn’t matter how hot she is. if she’s truly crazy, you must win the battle between your brain and your gonads or succumb to your fate and never escape crazy-town. you can do it, mate. there are plenty of truly wonderful women out there who won’t make you question your sanity, and they’re worth their weight in gold.

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