crazy bitch reference

Do people refer to you as the female charlie sheen?

Do you know the timetable of the guy you’re interested in, despite never having spoken to him?

Do you use the word ‘yes’ when what you really mean is ‘no’?

Do you think that being called a bitch is a positive thing?

Have you ever intentionally punctured a condom?

Have you gone looking for a used condom because it’s a potential bounty for child support?

Do you think ignoring a question and carrying on as if it was never asked is ok?

When you do something horrible and the guy it impacts finds out and gets angry about it, do you yell at him for being angry?

Have you ever been on the jersey shore, even in the background?

Have you carved a guy’s name into your arm?

Have you ever starred in a self made video in which you demand men get naked and punch themselves in the balls?

Have you added “Princess” to your name as a title even though you are in no way a member of a royal family?

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