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Belle Gibson lied about everything

25 Apr Belle Gibson drinking beer from a pint glass

belle gibson drinking from a wine bottleBelle Gibson has been a prominent figure in the alternative health world for some time now. Ms Gibson’s big claim to fame has been that she miraculously cured her terminal brain cancer just by eating healthy food. Not only did she claim that she cured her own cancer, she also suggested that other cancer patients would benefit from following her healthy lifestyle and profited from selling a cook book and app on the subject.

And it was all bullshit.

Wikipedia sums the scenario up nicely:

In early 2015, emerging media scrutiny revealed that Gibson’s cancer claims appeared to have been fabricated, that she had lied about her age and other details of her personal life and history, and had used company and charity campaign funds to lead a profligate and affluent lifestyle. There are claims she rented an expensive town house, leased an office suite and luxury car, underwent cosmetic dental procedures, and holidayed internationally from the proceeds of money purportedly raised for charity.

After a month of intense media scrutiny of her story, in an April 2015 interview Gibson admitted that her cancer claims had been totally fabricated, stating “none of it’s true”.

Gibson’s actions have been described as “deceit on a grand scale, for personal profit”.

It’s estimated that the book and app had raised over $1,000,000 and Gibson herself has claimed that she had “countless times helped others” to treat their cancers “naturally” and “leading them down natural therapy for everything from fertility, depression, bone damage and other types of cancer”.

Do you realise what that means? She lied to cancer patients to profit from their hopelessness and actively lead them away from the only treatments that are medically proven to help them survive.

Belle Gibson drinking beer from a pint glass

And she didn’t even follow the bullshit she was spouting about keeping toxins out of your body

In addition to this, it is alleged that Gibson raised a lot of money in the name of 5 different charities but either didn’t use the money for the charitable work she had claimed she would and/or massively exaggerated how much of the money she did end up going to charity.

Gibson actively encouraged things such as not vaccinating children, consuming raw, non-pasteurised milk, and Gerson Therapy.

When it became clear that people were going to find out that Gibson had never had cancer at all, let alone the multiple cancers she had claimed, she started deleting any posts relating to that topic from her social media platforms. In many cases, she went further and deleted the accounts completely.

Gibson has finally bitten the bullet and conceded that everything that she’d said to help her become famous was fabricated. She had lied her way into the hearts of those millions of people who are suffering with medical conditions that modern medicine doesn’t have pleasant solutions for, and then she used those lies to take their money.

You don’t have to be a shrink to suspect Ms Gibson is an out and out crazy bitch, now do you?

Of course there’s been complete uproar since the truth has come to light. And Ms Gibson’s response is has been to say:

“In the last two years I have worked every single day living and raising up an online community of people who supported each other… I understand the confusion and the suspicion, but I also know that people need to draw a line in the sand where they still treat someone with some level of respect or humility – and I have not been receiving that.”


“I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human. She’s obviously had a big life. She’s respectfully come to the table and said what she’s needed to say, and now it’s time for her to grow and heal.’”

Of all the shit Ms Gibson has said and done, to me, it’s these quotes which are the most telling of just how far from normal her line of thinking is. You don’t get to build an empire on lies while you take money from hopeless, suffering people in return for offering them fairytales and good vibes and then get to expect anyone to feel sorry for you or be understanding of your plight.

What the fuck sort of thinking is that? If you actively and knowingly deceive people, you don’t get to be treated with dignity when they find out. No, you should count yourself lucky that some poor cancer patient who wasted time on your lies doesn’t hunt you down and end you! For fuck sake! Who the hell could do this and still expect “some level of respect or humility”? That’s the statement right there that just proves there’s something very, very wrong with Belle Gibson.

There are a lot of angry people out there who are definitely not saying “Okay, she’s human.” Instead, they’re calling her a monster, and I’d be hard pressed to disagree.

So, as far as the crazy bitch ranks go, Belle Gibson is sitting very, very high up. She may even be the craziest bitch I’ve ever heard of.

Crazy bitch tip: do not mislead millions of people into thinking that eating well and exercising are enough to fight cancer.

Look out for the Monster

16 Mar

I don’t like this lady.

I’d actually be surprised if one of the points this level 2000+ “Christian” is talking about weren’t intentionally included by the people who make Monster. I mean, it is called Monster after all, so putting a sneaky version of 666 on the can isn’t implausible.

But why would she think a company named “Monster” would be laying claim to being a Christian company in the first place?

There are many points to pick apart in the woman’s flawed analysis, and I’m sure plenty of other people have already done that, and I’d prefer to focus on something different, here. My major concern with this video is that the leading lady has somehow come to the conclusion that she can take down a company that serves the antichrist by sticking some printed bits of paper to a piece of cardboard and telling regular people about the evil plot she’s uncovered.

Think about how crazy you’d have to be if you truly believed that the world’s fate is endangered by a satan worshiping company that’s busy selling us all devil enriched fairy-dust water as a means for the antichrist to infiltrate. OK, so now you’ve got that in your head, imagine that your best efforts to save the world from satan’s insidious attack was to… stick pictures to a piece of cardboard and talk to people about it every now and then when you have a captive audience.

Wouldn’t you be out there with a tank taking down the factories where they can this demonic drink? Wouldn’t you be getting on the news and letting the world know?

Apparently not. Apparently the risk of satan swallowing up all that is good and holy is not enough for this Christian lady to go beyond the “I stuck this shit to this shit and told people about it” phase of attempting to save us from old man fire-pants.

Crazy bitch tip: When you reach the stage of adhering pictures to a big piece of board, beware, you may well be heading directly into crazy town.

Bonus random extra

It’s funny, I was thinking about how to write this one up and I remembered how Monster used to taste so bad that they had to make a new version of it, and then make an ad about how terrible the old one tasted.

Turns out, I was wrong. It wasn’t Monster, it was another energy drink brand called Mother. So, for all of “satan’s” hard work with the 666 and whatnot, I’d have to say the whole branding thing isn’t working quite as strongly as Ms anti-Monster seemed to think.

Stop making little girls swear

26 Oct

I’m pro-feminism but I’m not sure I’m pro-feminist. I think everyone should be equal and I think everyone should feel safe all the time. I think society’s focus on appearance is to its own detriment and I think there’s no matter what someone was wearing, they didn’t deserve to be raped.

Fighting to end inequality is good and justified but there are still right and wrong ways to do it. I don’t think the following video is the right way.

I love how enthusiastic the girls are in this video. I love that they’re representing a voice on the issues of feminism and equality but I hate that, by the end of watching the video, I begin to suspect an element of exploitation. I strongly doubt that those little girls really understand what they’re saying or truly understand the political background behind this video. I very much doubt that they understand that there are flow-on consequences to being in a viral video that might linger for decades to come. In short, they’re being used as political pawns instead of children. You might even suggest that these children are being encouraged to do something they wouldn’t do if they were fully aware of the consequences.

Ladies, please do raise your voice and fight for a fair-go and a modern society that treats you as equal to everyone else, but please don’t involve children in aggressive feminism marketing campaigns.

Crazy bitch tip: Please don’t convince little girls to swear on film and then try to make the video go viral.


15 Apr

I can understand that there’s an element of fun to acting like a crazy bitch. I can see where it might be entertaining to be able to just do whatever the hell you want, whenever and wherever you feel like doing it. The reason people get pissed off about it, however, is not because they’re looking to cramp your style, it’s because your crazy-bitchocentricities have a fall-out zone.

For instance it’s awesome that you like to stand up for yourself but when you choose to do so in a pub full of footy players by screaming at the biggest guy there, you put your boyfriend in a tough spot. He either has to stand up for you and face-off with Mr Testosterone, and very likely get pulverised; or he has to apologise for your behaviour and drag you out of the pub, after which you will be furious at him for not taking your side. And there-in lies the problem, your actions impact other people and the impact can be absolutely shithouse sometimes.

Nobody likes cleaning up someone else’s mess. Nobody wants to be part of a conflict they didn’t start. Nobody enjoys telling someone they’re involved with that they’re completely in the wrong and don’t want to have their back on this one.

It’s not just boyfriends that cop it. Your girlfriends have to pretend they’re on your side while you complain that boyfriend didn’t stand up for you. Your family has to support you when you break up with your boyfriend because he wasn’t there for you. The half-drunk random guy in the pub has to try and keep his shit together while you berate him at the pub after you misheard what he said and took it personally.

The worst part, though, is how that sort of shit reflects on every other woman on the planet. It’s an unfortunate fact there are plenty of morons roaming the earth who lack the mental capacity (or willingness) to distinguish the nuances and uniqueness of individual human beings. Due to their mental limitations, these troglodytes instead simply lump people with similarities into groups which they then label. They then make the assumption that all people with any resemblance to this labeled group will all share the same physical and/or personality traits. We call it stereotyping. It’s not new. It’s not going away any time soon.

People who stereotype watch you behave this way and they don’t see an individual crazy bitch pulling crazy bitch moves, they just assume that’s a thing “women” do. Then, when they interact with a woman who is legitimately upset about something worth being upset about, they assume she’s just “being dramatic” or “PMSing”.

And then they get together and make jokes about PMS and how crazy it makes women. They imply that all women are crazy purely because they experience periods. Eventually they discover that it is scientifically proven that milk can reduce the symptoms of PMS, and they decide that it’s wise to suggest that men should purchase milk when they know they’ll be dealing with a menstruating woman.

And that’s how you end up with ads like this:

Crazy bitch tip: Your behaviour is (rightly or wrongly) associated with every other woman. Show them some respect and try to represent them well.

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