lesson 5: confusion

when you act strangely and a guy points it out, it’s not his fault for pointing it out, it’s your fault for acting weird. how about we make a deal? you quit doing weird shit and we’ll quit pointing it out.

real world examples

example 1: discussing a chat

i was dealing with a beautiful young lady who’d suggested we hang out and chat. i sent her a message asking when we could set it up, she told me we could discuss it the next time we see each other. ok. i thought that was pretty weird, who discusses having a chat? whatever, we’ll do it her way. next time i bump into her,  i brought it up. she called me weird for doing so.

example 2: switching

a lovely female friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend and, despite all her friends’ advice, got back with him. barely a fortnight later an attraction has develops for a new guy. she begins acting distant to her boyfriend while persuing said new guy. new guy is interested. boom, ties are cut with on again, off again guy. that poor dude, already confused is bewildered when, unbenknownst to him things don’t work out with new guy and my friend and starts chasing on again, off again guy again.

example 3: hanging out with friends

one ex used to literally send me off to hang out with my friends and then complain when i’d get home that i’d left her at home alone, bored.

why it happens

we don’t care why. see the rule.

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