lesson 6: crying

A woman crying is to (decent) guys, what Kryptonite is to Superman. That is, a disarming, argument ending, upper-hand gaining, unbearable force. As such, it should be treated with respect and never used maliciously. When things get too much, it’s healthy and normal to vent those emotions through a good face-rain session. It’s cathartic, it’s natural, it’s part of the human experience but to take advantage of it’s innate power by using it inappropriately is unconscionable.

Crying is ok. Using it to your advantage is not. Using it in a way that messes with a guy’s head will represent you as a bat-shit crazy bitch.

Real world examples

Example 1: information extraction through tears

a girl i had a crush on was at my place and we end up kissing. all of a sudden she started crying and asking if she’s just a ‘piece of ass’ to me? i told her “no, of course not, i’ve had a crush on you for a while”. i wouldn’t have had to say that without the manipulation of crying.

anyway, we kissed some more and next thing i know, she started acting like i’d proposed to her. she started crying again, “i’ll have to break it off with [dude b]” (who i knew nothing about by the way) and “i’m not ready for a relationship”. wtf?

Example 2: attempted communication through tears alone

An ex of mine used to cry when she was overwhelmed. The problem was that crying was all she’d do, i couldn’t get a word out of her. if i was really lucky she’d shake her head or nod. useful, this is not. crazy, sure seems like it when it’s happening.

Why it happens

When it comes to crying as a means of manipulation, we don’t care why it happens. Anytime you catch a woman breaking out the crocodile tears, you know it’s time to find your way out of that relationship. For further information regarding the male perspective on this sort of behaviour, see the rule.

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