lesson 7: feelings

it seems that many a mind-melting lady does her level best to avoid hurting a guy’s feelings. thanks ladies! but where this becomes crazy is when the guy’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt, not even a little bit, and we end up astonished to find out later you thought it might.

the vast majority of us won’t break down because you don’t feel like seeing us over the weekend, or you’re not into the movie we want to see, or you have to tell us our fly’s undone or we have something in our teeth. you can tell us. it’s not a big deal. actually, it’s just about never a big deal, trust me.

we do have feelings but we tend to reserve them for things that actually matter, like being cheated on.

real world examples

an ex of mine came with me to a function that i couldn’t have cared less about. it turns out she didn’t want to go, of course that didn’t stop her agreeing to come along. a night of grumpiness, sour looks and snide comments later i pull her aside and ask what’s going on. she says, “i didn’t want to come to this stupid thing”, to which i ask “then, why are you here??”. her response: “i thought you’d be angry if i didn’t”. whyyyyyyyyy???

why it happens

we don’t care why. see the rule.

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