lesson 8: hints

sometimes, hints are enough. but not all the time. on behalf of all guys, we’re sorry we can’t tell that when you move your eyebrow 3 millimeters that’s supposed to let us know that you’re interested or if you drop that eyebrow 2 millimetres the other way, we’ve missed our shot.

when your hints aren’t doing the job, don’t get shitty with us. it’s just as likely your hinting technique is not working as it is that we’re just missing it. there are at least 171,476 words in the english language, surely you can find some to say what you mean. come to think about it, that’s exactly why we have all those words!

real world examples

example 1: reaching

when i was a young lad working at a pizza store, a cute, diminutive girl would constantly ask me to get things for her off the high shelves. with her standing at a statuesque 5′ flat and me being 6’4″ this made logical sense to me. it wasn’t until years later, i ran into this same girl and she told me off  for not asking her out. apparently, i should have picked up on it.

why it happens

we don’t care why. see the rule.

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