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Emma Watson is awesome

23 Feb

Emma Watson is not a crazy bitch. Emma Watson is awesome and she’s doing awesome things.

We all know Emma from her origins as an actor in the Harry Potter films but since her early years as the face of a strong female character, Emma has herself grown into a strong female character. Emma is a wonderful example of a woman, and a great example of the opposite of a crazy bitch.

In the following video, we see Ms Watson speak to the UN about women’s rights.

Importantly, Emma pointed out that feminism shouldn’t be about man-hating. This is an extremely important aspect of the mess that has become of the resurgence of the feminist movement. This is an observation which is lost on far too many women, who instead of looking for ways to help us to move towards the ideal scenario of equality for all, choose instead to blame men as if they’re the cause of any and all inequality that exists.

Emma Watson is a great example of a stunningly beautiful woman who has not rested on her aesthetic advantage. Unlike so many other child actors who go off the rails, become addicted to substances and squander their fortunes. Ms Watson has instead taken the advantages life has provided her and used them as a launching pad to bring positive change to the world.

Note that you don’t tend to hear about Ms Watson having tantrums or showing off her wealth or having twitter wars over insignificant shit. Isn’t that a wonderful change? That’s just another point in her favour.

Crazy bitch tip: Take a leaf out of Emma’s book.

The urge to be a Star

24 Jan

A lot of people out there in the big wide world dream of becoming a star. This seems especially true of attractive young women. They dream of being discovered and becoming rich and famous as a result. They dream of being on the covers of magazines and big screen close-ups and being lusted after by everyone, everywhere. They dream of being a household name.

I guess there’s nothing so bad about that dream, but it has lead many a young woman down a path of bad decisions. A lot of young women end up being taken advantage of in their search for fame. A lot of young women end up in very, very sad scenarios as a result of their desire to be desirable.

If you ask me, that’s a damned shame. Some of these girls end up taking a detour from their dreams of ending up on the silver screen and instead end up being mislead into appearing in porn. If not outright porn, they end up in horrible low budget films in which they play the roles such as ‘girl with big boobs’, ‘hot girl at party’, ‘slutty girl in hot tub’, ‘bikini car wash girl’, etc etc.

The thing is, even if these girls stay out of porn and only do those terrible roles, those roles tend to hinder their career rather than benefit it. Think about this… you’re a budding starlet and you’re offered the lead role in a film entitled “Whore”. Do you think that’s a good role to accept? Theresa Russell did.

How’s that for some shitty cinema? Can you imagine showing that off to people with pride? Can you imagine regailing your performance in the scene where another character tells your character (whore) that he wants to fuck you up the arse?

Even if you somehow get away with doing a film like that without it killing your career and you somehow do end up becoming a household name… isn’t it going to be enourmously embarrassing when your new-found fans start going back through all your movies and stumble onto a scene of you standing there in your lingerie beating a decrepit old man with his own cane?

Or what about that scene in which you let a guy unzip your skirt from the back, revealing you butt to the world, and then you passionlessly bounce on him until he orgasms and dies? Y’know, this scene…

One thing that I always think about when I’m watching a movie or tv scene is, yeah it’s just a movie, but whatever is actually happening in the scene had to happen in real life for it to be filmed. That means that Theresa Russel actually had to sit on that guys lap and have him unzip her skirt. Not only did she have to submit herself to that, but she had to do it in front of at least the 10 other people who were on set at the time, and chances are she had to do it several times until the director decided it was a good enough take.

And that’s the thing about ‘acting’. For some reason people seem to accept that doing something on film for a role is acceptable, even though doing the same thing in real life would be considered degrading and humiliating. Imagine that same scene taking place without anyone shooting film. Imagine a good looking young woman having her skirt unzipped over and over while a group of people watched and gave her instructions on how to do it better, or how to get more light on her arse? That would be completely unacceptable, right? But because it’s for a film, it’s somehow ok?

Think about porn stars! There are hookers around the world who now set up a video camera whenever they’re turning a trick because that way they can say they’re making a porno. Making a porn film is legal, but having sex for money is not. So if you’ve got a camera running, you’re protected from prosecution.

So essentially, if you’re willing to be degraded on film, you’re an actor. If you’re not willing to be on film, you’re a prostitute. To my mind, it seems a very strange distinction.

Anyway, I’m sure Theresa Russel is a lovely lady and not a crazy bitch, but I’d hazard a guess that she didn’t win her role in Spiderman 3 by showing off her work in Whore. I’m going to make the assumption that she’s not especially proud of that role now and probably wishes that her kids, grandkids, and future great grandkids et al wouldn’t ever see it. But the internet means that they can see it and probably will, one way or another.

If you want to be a star, chase that dream, but along the way at least consider the long term impacts of the decisions you make along the way. There’s a certain point at which chasing your dream can get so messy that the last thing you’d want is for people to start looking into your past, and at that point, you’ve kind of killed the dream you were chasing in the first place.

Crazy bitch tip: the fact that someone is willing to film you doing something doesn’t automatically make it something you should do.

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