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Mother of the year and sore-loser psycho-bitch

17 Dec

Y’know how sometimes you want something really, really badly. And y’know how most of the time, you don’t actually get that thing that you want really, really badly? And y’know how that sucks and how it can be painful, and frustrating and disappointing and put you in a bad headspace? And y’know how sometimes when you’re in that bad head-space you’ll use someone else’s private details to make requests for people to come to her home and rape her in her sleep? *Insert record scratch sound effect*

Yeah, umm. A woman by the name of Kathy Rowe actually did that.

Kathy Rowe

Kathy here won a “mother of the year” award as recognition for how well she’s looked after her daughter, and how well she has worked around her daughter’s disabilities. That’s lovely isn’t it? One of the big problems with getting such a lovely title, however, is that it really amplifies any mistakes you make afterwards. Trying to get someone raped is a bad look for anyone, but if you were once called “mother of the year”, it looks extraordinarily bad. It makes it look like you were a monster hiding in plain-sight and reaping the rewards of your ability to mask yourself in with the rest of us.

The story

Dream house

You know what’s great about this place? How tranquil it is and how unlikely it is that someone would show up to try and rape me here. I can’t wait to move in!

Kathy wanted to buy a house. It was her “dream home”, in fact. Unfortunately for Kathy, there are other people out there in the world who also liked that same house. It happened to be that one of the couples that was also interested in the home had more money to offer than Kathy, so they outbid her, and I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the higher offer was accepted and Kathy missed out on her house.

Kathy did not appreciate this.

I’m sure all her hard work in looking after her disabled daughter made her feel somewhat entitled to what she perceived as a reward for that, in the shape of a lovely home; and here were some “evil” people who had come and taken that reward away from her. I get that. If you read through the “origins”, you’ll get to hear about my own frustration and poor behaviour in a kinda similar situation. Even at my worst, though, I never tried to have anyone raped. Kathy, on the other hand, decided to get back at the couple who outbid her for her dream home and did exactly that… she tried to have the woman who now lived in Kathy’s dream home raped by strangers!

How do you convince strangers to rape someone? Kathy posted advertisements which she titled “Carmel Valley Freak Show” in sexual forums with the address of the home and photos of the wife of the couple who purchased it. In conversations with the men who replied to her advertisements, Mrs Rowe impersonated the female owner of the home and explained that she had a “rape fantasy” in which strangers would come in and have non-consensual sex with her against her wishes, but that it would all be consensual, regardless of how impressive a “performance” she would put in when defending herself.

So what you’ve got here, is a bunch of guys who believe they’re helping a woman live out a sexual fantasy, and a woman who is at risk of being raped any night of the week just because she bought a friggin’ house she liked!

One guy turned up to rape the woman but changed his mind when he discovered that the gate was locked. Another guy rocked up and knocked on the front door, fortunately the husband of the house answered it and that was enough to send the would-be rape-fantasy assistant packing.

Think about that for a second. If not for a locked gate or the fact that the husband was home that night, the woman of this house would have been raped, all because Kathy was unhappy that she didn’t get what she wanted! Fuck that! That’s batshit crazy bullshit!! That’s fucking evil! Bad enough for the woman who would have been raped, I mean, that’s just fucking awful. But what about the guys that were looking to help a woman live out a fantasy who could quite easily have gone to jail for a decade because they answered the wrong bloody ad!!!???

You can read more about Kathy and her story in these articles:

One of these articles includes the phrase “giver her a break”. Fuck that! I don’t care how rough a time you’ve been having, you don’t try to get someone fucking raped! Yeah, of course we have to be understanding about people going through a rough time but your actions aren’t lessened by how rough a time you’re going through. If that woman had gotten raped, the rape would have been just as real, regardless of Mrs Rowe’s inability to deal with her frustration. This idea that we have to reduce the punishment for an action because the action is the result of someone having a bad time is a major failure of our society to understand that it’s more important that the members of your society are protected than it is that criminals have it tough too. The easy solution to that is to choose not to do awful shit.

Crazy bitch tip: Never try to have someone raped.




15 Apr

I can understand that there’s an element of fun to acting like a crazy bitch. I can see where it might be entertaining to be able to just do whatever the hell you want, whenever and wherever you feel like doing it. The reason people get pissed off about it, however, is not because they’re looking to cramp your style, it’s because your crazy-bitchocentricities have a fall-out zone.

For instance it’s awesome that you like to stand up for yourself but when you choose to do so in a pub full of footy players by screaming at the biggest guy there, you put your boyfriend in a tough spot. He either has to stand up for you and face-off with Mr Testosterone, and very likely get pulverised; or he has to apologise for your behaviour and drag you out of the pub, after which you will be furious at him for not taking your side. And there-in lies the problem, your actions impact other people and the impact can be absolutely shithouse sometimes.

Nobody likes cleaning up someone else’s mess. Nobody wants to be part of a conflict they didn’t start. Nobody enjoys telling someone they’re involved with that they’re completely in the wrong and don’t want to have their back on this one.

It’s not just boyfriends that cop it. Your girlfriends have to pretend they’re on your side while you complain that boyfriend didn’t stand up for you. Your family has to support you when you break up with your boyfriend because he wasn’t there for you. The half-drunk random guy in the pub has to try and keep his shit together while you berate him at the pub after you misheard what he said and took it personally.

The worst part, though, is how that sort of shit reflects on every other woman on the planet. It’s an unfortunate fact there are plenty of morons roaming the earth who lack the mental capacity (or willingness) to distinguish the nuances and uniqueness of individual human beings. Due to their mental limitations, these troglodytes instead simply lump people with similarities into groups which they then label. They then make the assumption that all people with any resemblance to this labeled group will all share the same physical and/or personality traits. We call it stereotyping. It’s not new. It’s not going away any time soon.

People who stereotype watch you behave this way and they don’t see an individual crazy bitch pulling crazy bitch moves, they just assume that’s a thing “women” do. Then, when they interact with a woman who is legitimately upset about something worth being upset about, they assume she’s just “being dramatic” or “PMSing”.

And then they get together and make jokes about PMS and how crazy it makes women. They imply that all women are crazy purely because they experience periods. Eventually they discover that it is scientifically proven that milk can reduce the symptoms of PMS, and they decide that it’s wise to suggest that men should purchase milk when they know they’ll be dealing with a menstruating woman.

And that’s how you end up with ads like this:

Crazy bitch tip: Your behaviour is (rightly or wrongly) associated with every other woman. Show them some respect and try to represent them well.

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